Mercury now retrograde

We have extra time to turn our attention to this place of a faith that can anchor us through turbulent times.Mercury has just turned retrograde at the far edge of Pisces, for an extended swim in introspective waters, tuning in to inner guidance and visionary dreaming. Many of us have been feeling as if Mercury has been retrograde for a couple of weeks, a natural sensation with Mercury in otherworldly, dream sign Pisces.

Mercury extends it stay in Pisces an extra month or more, dialing in to right brain perception from February 10-April 17. During the three weeks of it retrograde— March 5 to 28 — our rationality steps back, allowing a finer intelligence to come through. It's best to cooperate with that agenda, so we don't go a little crazy. Some will, inevitably, in the overwhelm of Neptune's stormy aspect, and with a level of shock from being in such new territory. If we can remember that "Life is but a dream," let waters of the past flow under the bridge, and recognize our creative participation in stretching our beliefs beyond old paradigms to envision a New Dream of Earth, we will feel the essential magic of life. 

"In your waking dream, 

when you are hushed and listening to your deeper self, 

your thoughts, like snowflakes, 

fall and flutter and garment 

all the sounds of your spaces with white silence 


And what are waking dreams but clouds that but blossom 

on the sky tree of your heart? 

And what are your thoughts but the petals 

which the winds of your heart 

scatter upon the hills and its fields 


And even as you wait for peace 

until the formless within you takes form 

so shall the cloud gather and drift until its grey desire is shaped 

to little crystal suns and moons and stars" 

—opening stanzas of "Snowflakes and The Sea," Kahlil Gibran

Thank you, Mermaid-UK, for sending this to me.

 And there is sorrow. We inevitably feel sadness in such times of change, when losses large or smaller are occurring. Neptunian compassion for those you know and don't know, including yourself and Earth's creatures, that are facing death and major transitions in such times of upheaval. I lost my tiger kitty friend this very morning, an ending both bitter and yet sweet in our final moments of communion. I find this Alan Parsons Project's song about life and time very true and soothing. I've probably shared it before. 

Dream well from the depth of your heart and spirit to enter the imminent turn of the seasons. I'll be back around with Cosmic News for the renewal and light shift of the March 20 Equinox Full Moon.




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