To fully experience the magic of this moon, capture the unseen, dance with Athena and receive her gifts:

  • See her and come to know her - find a picture of Athena (you can use your phone or computer and find one online), re-read her myth here or do more research. Meditate on her symbols and how they can enrich your life.
  • Create sacred space - cast a traditional circle or bubble of protection around you, not so much to keep anything out but to keep energy in the circle.
  • Light a candle – can be a tea light.
  • Purify and anoint - Light an oil lamp if you have one, burn frankincense, incense of the sun, anoint yourself with frankincense mixed with olive oil.
  • Ground and center - Sit quietly, close your eyes, take several breaths. 
  • Create a mini-ritual – Invite her presence. Gaze at her picture. See her before you. Internalize her symbols. Her loom, her owl, an olive branch. Symbolically cast the loom and weave your desire, your wish, your prayer of praise and gratitude for her protection, her wisdom, her inspiration, waft the incense smoke with the feather of a wise owl (try to find an owls feather, if not, use your imagination and your hand to waft the incense) to strengthen and purify your purpose
  • Invoke Athena -  chant to her, Athena Parthenos (independent goddess who is one in herself), Athena Ergane (protectress of the arts and artists), Athena Nike (victorious)!  Golden Goddess I live in your light! Skopos Athena Echo (We are under the protection of Athena)
  • Closing your circle -Once you feel you have danced with Athena, and embodied her, give thanks for the gifts you have received, then you can close your circle, put out your candle and incense and carry the thought of Athena’s protection throughout the day.

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