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Birthday Sun Sign readingAquarius, Cosmic Beamers, celebrate yourself with this useful celestial gift for an overview of your personal year that is all about your sign!Pisces MerPeople, your turn as of February 18. We use the window of your birthday chart along with current planetary cycles to look into timing, themes and guidance for your personal new year. One hour, $125 (discounted from regular $150 hourly fee).
Give a Gift of the Stars! 
This special fee also applies to a birthday gift for someone special in your life. I have special e-cards you can use.

Contributions to Cosmic News
are greatly appreciated, especially to cover the expense of mailing it out. You can usethe link on my website
or send a check to me at 844 Bayne Comolli Rd, East Calais, VT 05650 (I really like getting $$ in the mail!).

Leading with Light! podcast  — NEW YEAR 2019!
I am on this fresh new show hosted by Sky A'Hearn Sky is a light force to contend with! We had a fun time, talking about 2019, especially the first part of the year with the Big Changes!Listen in!
I'll be a periodic guest onLeading with Lightas the year goes on.

Coming Up— Webinar! 
hosted by Julija Simas of C.I.A., Cosmic Intelligence Agency,
based in Australia
I'll send the registration link when it opens up or watch onthe website.
Thursday, February 28, 6pm EST, Friday, March 1, 10am AEDT
Cosmic Mermaids: Astrological Sea Goddesses
Mermaids sing to ancient memory that stirs our souls. Many are surfacing in our archetypal consciousness now. Neptune is in Pisces, after all! We visit water signs, Neptune's wife, mermaid planetoids, Sabian Symbols and dive into Vedic waters to encounter the deep sea serpent. You are bound to find a mermaid/man personally meaningful to you. Basic tables help locate them in your chart.

SOTA, STATE OF THE ART Astrology conference
October 17-21, Buffalo, NY
Enjoy a full roster of international astrologers at this friendly, quality conference.
I am speaking onCosmic Mermaids andThe Complex Dance of the Cosmic Feminine.
I will be sending the schedule and registration link when available, but you can start here:
and sign up for the newsletter if you are interested to hear ongoing developments and registration announcement.
The hotel is starting to book up already.