Proserpina Sleeps: New Moon in Scorpio (11/2017)

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Goddess Proserpina is known as the Roman Queen of the Underworld, a place where all that once was alive transforms. Her goddess asteroid is located in the sign of Scorpio. She is the Crone and Destroyer form of the Earth Goddess Ceres/Demeter. Her Greek name is Persephone. To the Greeks she is known as the maid Kore, her mother-form being Demeter-Pluto the preserving mother or “abundance.” “Originally Pluto was female, and her ‘riches’ were poured out on the world from her breasts.”

Proserpina is the Goddess of Riches and transformations that shatter our illusions.

She was Queen of the Underworld long before her story was changed and her mother aspect became a male god. Her violent separation from her mother is the Olympian myth that depicts the rise of the patriarchy.  Proserpina herself holds the keys to heaven and earth, travelling freely between them as the seasons change. She is Goddess of Seasonal Change, Goddess of the Rising Spring, and Savior Goddess who rules the cycles of death and rebirth. Her symbols, the asphodel a relative of the lily that carpets the underworld and serves as food for the dead, and the pomegranate, a symbol of life and renewal, the apple of many seeds which represents the earthen womb in which she sleeps for a time. Each fall she descends to the underworld – she rules the land of dreams in fields of asphodel.

Descend to the underworld of your dreams. Leave behind your illusions. What will be transformed when you rise?

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