Golden Athena Rises

Infuse this moon cycle with the divine passion to be by weaving webs that unite your purpose with your actions. What do you want to put into action? What will you create?

The Full Moon in Aries

Goddess Athena lends power to this Full Moon in the sign of the Spiritual Warrior. Athena is a virgin Goddess, one of the few goddesses known today who escaped the ravage of patriarchy and comes to us with stories that span the pre-Hellenic as well as the Olympian era. Originally, she was a goddess of the arts who inspired writing, inventing, as well as weaving and spinning. Promoter of agriculture and culture bringer are a few more of her achievements. Patriarchal myth transformed Athena from a peaceful strategist, protector of the home, to an armor-clad daddy’s girl born from her father’s head. She became protector of the city named for her – Athens, and she rose up as Goddess of war. In modern times, she is the defender of women, warrior spirit who protects the righteous, and restores balance to civilization.

Athena, or Ath-enna is the Maiden form of the Libyan Triple Goddess Neith, also known as Metis, Medusa, Anatha or “Anat, Strength of Life.”  She was born of the Gorgon Medusa whose snake hair symbolized Female Wisdom. Her name means “I have come from myself.”   

Athena’s oiled skin reflects the light of this Full Moon. She shines brightly with her scepter of sovereignty and Nike, the Lady Victory. Homer speaks of Athena the Maiden as having the face of an owl – night creatures known for capturing the unseen.

Goddess of useful skills and crafts, Patroness of the creative arts, she cultivates learning and expression. One of her gifts, the olive tree is possibly the greatest contribution to agriculture. In ancient times the oil of the pressed olive was used to cleanse the skin and light lamps. The olive tree is a source of nourishment, a symbol of peace, wisdom, and victory.

Full Moon in Aries Ritual