This has been a very deep Mercury retrograde process, taking stock of the whole of 2017 to see what you have accomplished, experienced, let go of. How are you thinking differently about things than in January 2017? This year brought us a clearly a memorable beginning, inaugurating unprecedented circumstances that required each of us to step forth and show up all the way through the "Great American" Total Solar Eclipse that announced huge storms on all levels. In what ways has your life been turned inside out?

Are you ready for 2018 and its New Year/New Agenda?

What other planets are players in this New Moon pattern?  
Uranus in Aries! ...delivers a rash of surprises from incoming cosmic showers of fresh electromagnetic frequencies. Are you picking up the new wavelengths coming in on solar winds and galactic frequencies? Whatever is going on with the rare weather, storms, fires and earthquakes—we are on alert. Never a dull moment in this wake up call to explore uncharted wilderness areas in your brain and pristine crystal radiance in the inner chambers of your heart. 

A new scientific discovery has seen stars forming within the powerful outflows of a supermassive black hole. This agrees with unified field physicist Nassim Haramein's findings that, especially at the active event horizon of any "whole," energy is transferred in both directions. Such intense interstitial dynamics can birth awesome energetic effects. Go for it!

Chiron in Pisces! ...subtly (or sometimes not!) evokes a quantum shift, pulling the rug out from under our feet. We find ourselves swimming in unfamiliar seas. The Big Quest and Question: what is real? What illusionary reality are you caught up in? What does it take to alter it and invite a brighter experience? This is like being a sea creature called to land, or a drop clarifying its essence and participation in the larger ocean. This has been the ride of 2017, the wave we ride into 2018, when Chiron enters a new sign. 

Venus can inspire, accompanying the New Moon, the Goddess illumines the intuitive, visionary capacity and reveals an increasing level of your truth, burning away some foggy emotional confusion that obfuscates your heart song and your experience. Tune into the meaning of this Rilke poetry from his Book of Hours: Love Poems to God:

"You have not grown old, and it is not too late. To dive into your increasing depths where life calmly gives out its own secret."

Jupiter in Scorpio adds another level of depth, diving deep in this water sign, with this NASA video clip to invite you in: Jupiter Diving Jupiter is amplifying a turning point in the collective karma indicated by the Nodes of the Moon, The Line of Destiny, a.k.a., the Dragon Head (in Leo) and the Dragon Tail (in Aquarius). Polarized like a charged battery, these two eclipse-defining points continue to evoke another Big Quest and Question—

"You! You, there! yes, You! Step up into more of who you are—Now!"

As we light up more of who we each are, soul groups are gathering, coming together, reconnecting, making new connections, spinning karmic webs, co-creating, celebrating with heart. I have been hearing (and experiencing) some amazing serendipities that clearly demonstrate this theme. Haven't you? It's happening on many levels, very exciting, especially when we can depersonalize in relation to ourselves, allowing certain (limiting) self-identities to wash away. It can feel like wriggling out of too-tight clothing—just like the snake has to wriggle out of that dry old skin. Take your time, but keep moving.

In Scorpio, Jupiter alchemicalizes wisdom from the melting pot of our rusty, gritty, shadowy stuff—when we see and recognize how such experience fits into our path of self-awareness and soul growth. Add some self-compassion and forgiveness all around. Relationships are a key part of this, deep mirrors as others are into our own process. Astrology offers meaningful insights into interpersonal dynamics. See my website for relationship astrology offerings:

Love is always the ultimate experience toward which we passionately yearn in life.

It all comes back round to Saturn on Solstice, just in time for Mercury's forward motion. Aim true and let fly the bright Arrow notched on the bow of this New Moon. Let's feel deep into the Heart of Space as we follow the light into the New Year. 



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