Cosmic Glitter New Moon

New Moon @ 15 Aquarius 45
February 4, 4:04pm EST, 1:04pm PST, 9:04pm GMT
February 5, 8:10am AEDT
: Section of "La Ciudad Hidroespacial" ("The Hydrospatial City"), installation by Gyula Kosice, created from acrylic, paint, metal and light, exhibition at Palm Springs Art Museum, CA, 2017.
Photo by author.

With courage in our hearts, we raise our arms to welcome a shimmering cosmic influx that changes everything. This electric Aquarian New Moon follows-up the powerful portal of the January 20-21 Total Super Moon Eclipse (doesn't that seem SO long ago?!). It serves as a harbinger to unexpected developments that will continue to ripple through our solar system, planet Earth and our psychosomatic fields for months to come. Some say this is an unprecedented game-changer for consciousness and life on our planet. Sounds dramatic, but what if it is true? Do you imagine it could be possible? What do you imagine it might be like? Are you courageous enough let your heart do the imagining?


This New Moon is fueled by a Mars/ Uranus conjunction— explosive! in Aries —indicating action on several levels. Mars pushes us further through the eclipse doorway from two weeks ago. The presence of dwarf planet Eris pushes the edge even further, with her radical daring to stir things up, shake, rattle and roll. Some will be taken by surprise, even shocked. Others are restless for change; some cause provocation; some may lash out from frustration. Many move forward, energized and positive-minded. How will you respond? The best side of Eris is
Saturn and Pluto are moving toward their inevitable rapprochement in earth sign Capricorn, with potent impact on our collective destiny. Gaia Earth is evolving in the cosmic flow. We need to follow her lead and take practical action to conserve resources and attend to basics. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and under the surface that we will not see. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are likely to be heightened on physical, mental and emotional levels, shaking up our world. What kind of change do you want? Empower it. Venus just entered Capricorn to add longterm value. This is an opportune moment, with boundless potential for grace and growth.
If we are listening, we can receive the guidance of Asteroid Pallas (Athena) holding high her Libran Scales of Justice, and implementing her tactical wisdom to fight injustice and open our awareness for peace. She has allies. Flanking the New Moon, Mercury in Aquarius offers a broad perspective, even more spacious partnered with Black Moon Lilith and her experiential wisdom transmission.A useful perspective: It Is As It Is. Take it from there. Arguing with events because they don't match your expectations or beliefs will only create anxiety. Mental distortions and cognitive dissociation are often caused because we are too much in our heads.

One of my (multiple) Aquarian friends recently experienced the death of her mother. The death was anticipated, and she thought she knew how it would be, but the experience was not at all what she expected. One can theorize all one wants about how things will unfold or feel, but life doesn't often match our ideas. Thank goodness!
How open are you to new ideas and, most of all, to how you are feeling in each moment? Let this New Moon cycle take you into new levels of what is possible within you. Witness the mental tricks your own mind throws at you, obfuscating what is right in front of you. Let the cosmic glitter sparkle through your energy body and into your bloodstream with a shimmering radiance that dis-covers darkness.  Find your way to let go and push out all that holds you back.
On the eve of the next Full Moon, February 19, the Sun enters Pisces. And Chiron again moves across the Zodiac zero point into Aries. Last April, Chiron entered Aries for a few months (into September) for a heads up. What did you notice? Since returning to Pisces for the last few months, a lot of water has washed away under Chiron's bridge, bringing much loss for many of us. We are more ready and laundry-fresh, crisp and clean, to enter the new heightened field of energy that vibrates with clarity.  Find your own zero point and plug in. Align with cosmic companions with whom you are in most alignment, true friends that embrace you for who you are, no matter the "small stuff," those with whom you can shine. Co-creation is the name of the game. Play your part. Shine on! Sparkle with the incoming cosmic glitter. This game of life is serious. Can we make light of it? What a contribution that would be!
"When you follow the path of the Earthkeepers with sincere intention and an open heart, 
you'll find yourself in the company of like-minded individuals who strive to live by ethics and vision."       ─Alberto Villoldo, PhD

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Lunar Eclipse Cancer • Full Moon Leo

Full Moon @ 0 Aquarius/LEO 52
January 20, 2019, 9:17pm PST,
January 21, 12:17am EST, 5:17am GMT

Image: Total Eclipse of January 31, 2018, photo by Cosmic News reader Peggy Lenahan. One year later, here we go again with a supermoon eclipse, taking us to the next level!
2019 has started right out with eclipses, the first subtle solar eclipse on January 6 and now our first (total!) lunar eclipse changes the color and tone of our experience early on in the new year. Sandwiched tightly between Saturn and Pluto, this is a 'no-nonsense,' 'Big Happenings are happening' opening window into a fast-tracked year.
All year, we continue to be under the disciplined regimen of Saturn and Pluto, implacably focused on a redesign of the way we are living on a living planet. In Capricorn, the best response is simple, basic, clean, streamlined, useful and practical. The basic pragmatic approach of Capricorn earthiness can often calm emotional turmoil, settle insecure feelings and effectively move a stagnant situation into a new gear.
This Total Full Moon Eclipse is a super 'blood' moon, especially large because closer to Earth. A total eclipse that turns the Moon reddish, therefore called a 'blood moon.' This is the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. In 2018 we had two. It is also the last eclipse that occurs in the signs Leo and Aquarius, a sequence that began with the famous "Great American Eclipse of August 2017. Have you satisfactorily stepped up to the challenge of these eclipses: to show up as more of who you really are?
A lunar eclipse has broader visibility than a solar eclipse. This one is basically visible from the eastern Pacific, across the Americas and the Atlantic, in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and a bit of northeastern Asia. Whether you can see it or not, welcome and respond to this stunning invitation, asa compelling opportunity to engage the energetic awakening, unexpected perspectives and surprising flashes of fresh developments on the horizons in 2019.

The emotional desire of this Moon is to break through the eclipse shadows into the freedom and adventure of uncharted territory.
In a few short weeks (February 17-18th), Chiron crosses the Pisces/Aries 'event horizon,' the point at the end and beginning of the zodiac cycle— just in time to celebrate the very next Full Moon, on February 19th. If we are willing to let this Full Moon Eclipse wash away stale energies, spiritual weariness, disconnected mentalizing; any discouragement, hopelessness, fear or anxieties that are resisting growth and openness to the brand new sparkling field of energy that is shining around us. How do we become aware that this field shimmers through own field of energy and through our bodies, charging up dormant brain cells, offering unprecedented potentials, if we are open to perceive, receive and answer the call to create the new vision.
The eclipse energy may take us by surprise, with some hidden surprises hidden in its shadows. 
Uranus, the Wild Card Change Maker, is highly active in this eclipse, fired up for a last burst of fireworks in Aries before it grounds the lightning. 
Uranus plants itself in Taurus for the next seven years, starting on the March 6 New Moon. (The planets seem to be coordinating with the Moon cycle!) That's just a couple of months from now!) Read More

Solar Eclipse • New Moon 1/5/2019

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 2.38.23 PM.png

NEW MOON partial solar eclipse @ 15 Capricorn 25
January 5, 2019, 8:29pm EST, 5:29pm PST,
January 6, 1:29pm GMT, 12:29pm AEDT

A partial solar eclipse is the first New Moon in this New Year, changing the color and tone of our experience early on in 2019. Sandwiched tightly between Saturn and Pluto, this is a 'no-nonsense,' 'Big Happenings are happening' opening window into a fast-tracked year. Ultima Thule, indeed!
Capricorn is a serious, sometimes quirky sign that takes earthy experience in its hands like a potter shaping clay. If you have ever used a potter's wheel, you know that by using the pressure of your hands you can shape the clay, even while the texture and weight of the clay responds with its own specific earthy qualities. How do we deepen our relationship with Gaia, the living Earth, amidst the necessities and exigencies of mundane life on Earth— even as She changes and we change in mutual creative and complex choreography, all orchestrated by larger and smaller planetary cycles?
We can look for the magic in the mundane, as cosmic waves roll in and raise the frequencies of the whole solar system. We are part of something much bigger and greater, but have our own particular 'job' to do for the whole to function. This eclipse indicates a subtle but definite step up in our response-ability to this mutual embrace and support, the giving and receiving of the life force. How open can you be?
We may be taken by surprise. Uranus is fired up for a last burst of fireworks in Aries before it grounds the lightning. It plants itself in Taurus for the next seven years, starting on the March 6 New Moon. That's just a couple of months from now! Read More …

Solstice Full Moon


Full Moon @ 0 Capricorn/Cancer 50
December 22, 2018, 12:50pm EST, 9:50am PST, 5:50pm GMT
December 23, 4:50am AEDT
: White Unicorn, web collage by Dana Hunt. The Unicorn is a wonderful image for the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp, as it combines the horsy sense of Sagittarius and the archer's arrow in its single horn, as well as being a magical, mythical beast as is the Capricorn Sea Goat.

I love it when a Full Moon lights up a Solstice, like an exclamation point.

The Solstices mark the (apparent) northerly and southerly turn-around points of the Sun, and the change of dark to light, light to dark. The Sun seems to pause for about 5 days, like a retrograde planet turning around, opening a doorway, a celebratory space, into a new season.  This Full Moon activates both Solstice points, with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer. These two potent cusps mark the "official" beginning of summer and winter seasons, reversed in the northern and southern hemispheres.

This major turning point is accompanied by several planetary combinations spice up the sky, most notably:

Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius— King and Counselor. May Justice and Righteousness prevail.  Intuition inspires perception. Lots of News. Adventure at the drop of a hat.

 Mars and Chiron in Pisces, with Neptune's nearby influence, may undermine (on the negative side) or soften (positive side) our energy. It is a combination that suggests taking it easy, to be present and still at this turning point of the Sun. Prayer, meditation, bathing, and various subtle holistic (Chiron) modalities that can soothe your energy, washing off anxieties. A lot of old 'stuff' is washing away under the bridge, as Chiron transitions into a new sign in the new year.  

 Venus and Ceres commune in Scorpio. As Venus emerges from the circle of her retrograde, Ceres greets her. Ceres, guardian of the people and "all our relations," has been a significance influence in relation to this Venus deep dive, strongly evoking the journey of Persephone into the underworld. She finds her sovereignty as Queen, and can return with this self-knowledge. How deep has your journey been? Have you experienced a pull that brought forth another level of your desire to be, to transform, to renew? What do you bring back from that journey into your heart? What has been released? Can you stay with the internal heart connection that has been made, in both painful and joyful ways?

Venus retrograde is a "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all"

experience. Pay attention to your process of unfolding the gifts, stay fully embodied, be courageous enough to Be Here Now.


A mantra for your New Year's resolution?

 The Magic of Intention

You are what

your deepest desire is.

As your desire,

so is your intention.

As your intention,

so is your will.

As your will,

so is your deed.

As your deed,

so is your destiny.


Enough reading. Go out and experience the light of this special Solstice Full Moon.
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Dream Vision New Moon


New Moon @ 15 Sagittarius 07
December 6, 2018, 11:20pm PST
December 7, 2:20am EST, 7:20am GMT, 6:20pm AEDT
: Ancient Goddess Gemu resides in Lion Mountain and appears to the people riding a white horse. For this New Moon, perhaps we can see her as a horse goddess aspect of the Sagittarian Archer.  Brilliant goddess scholar Max Dashu (of recently shared about Gemu, referencing this website for more of her stories and interesting history.

December offers clear breath of fresh motivation and inspiration. Get on your horse and ride with Gemu!

A quick succession of planetary movements picks up the pace:
*12/6   Mercury turns forward@27 Scorpio—deep reconsiderations and mental reconfigurations uncover insights that lead to a vision we can enthusiasically aim for.
*12/6-7   New Moon @ 15+ Sagittarius—a new lunar cycle begins tapping into profound impulse from The Great Attractor, the focal point of a gigantic galactic supercluster of thousands of galaxies that our Milky Way Galaxy is part of. Wow, more than Awesome.
*12/8    Chiron turns forward@ 28 Pisces— healing water flow under the bridge freeing up old pain, opening compassion and spiritual grace, as new cellular and brain synapses fire up.
*12/12   Mercury re-enters Sagittarius, sighting the true target.
*12/21-22   Mercury meets up with Jupiter in Sagittarius, powerful in its own sign, on the Solstice Full Moon— the Messenger of the Gods broadcasts wisdom from the King of the Gods, wielder of the lightning bolt. More on this next time, when we'll all know more.

The Sabian Symbol that goes with it. Dane Rudhyar's version is my favorite for 16 Sagittarius:

"A calm ocean; a motionless ship; lazily soaring seagulls."

(Read more… ) So much GREAT STUFF to read this month…don’t miss it!!!

Cuspy Full Moon • November 23, 2018

Lenahan.almost full moon eclipse 7 26 18.jpeg

Full Moon at 00 Sagittarius/ GEMINI 52

November 22, 2018, 9:39pm PST
November 23, 2018, 12:39am EST, 5:39am GMT, 2:39pm AEDT
Almost Full Moon Eclipse, 7-26-18, photograph by Cosmic News reader Peggy Lenahan. 

This Full Moon falls at the intersection of two zodiac signs—cusps, we call them. Such edges where signs overlap offer creative mixtures of zodiac imagery. I've played with these from time to time over the years, without making it a formal study. This Full Moon gives an excellent opportunity to overlay imagery and merge signs.

Sun at 0+ Sagittarius, still carries an undercurrent of Scorpio's intensity. 

One option of their joined imagery is the Zen Archer!

String the Sagittarian bow and fit it with a sharp arrow from the Archer's quiver. Prepare to let loose that arrow, but wait. Close your eyes. Tap into your heart. Listen deeply. Move the aim of the arrow as you feel out the direction that will be the truest for you. Then Zing! let go the arrow as your intuition indicates the time is right. 

Full Moon at 0+ Gemini, merges earthy Taurus with airy Gemini to give us the Dandelion— from deep earthy Taurus roots to airborn Gemini seedlings.

With healthy roots and nutritious leaves for salads, tea and remedies, the dandelion spreads prolifically across lawns and fields in spring/summer. Often dismissed as a weed, dandelion is a earthy herbal power house with a touch of Gemini whimsy. The yellow fuzzy flower is colorful, teasing and fun-looking, attracting bees, butterflies and beetles, before unexpectedly turning to fluffy winged parachutes that carry seedlings on the wind far and wide to pop up in new places next spring. 

The Sun and Moon both square Mars, now in Pisces. There is so much going on, this week can feel like a busy big city intersection at rush hour. 

In such a pattern, three corners of a square are occupied, leaving empty the 4th corner. This empty corner is called in; the activity of the squares moves to fill in that empty corner, Virgo! Keep your priorities straight, find your natural flow and you will find things work out—in spite of Mercury retrograde!

Ah, yes, Mercury is retrograde until December 6, just in time for the next New Moon. Don't be dismayed, use it! Take advantage of this "time out" from mundane time. Meanwhile so many celestial signs encourage us to transmute fears, anxieties and (Read More…)

Gift of the Goddess New Moon


New Moon at 15 Scorpio 11
November 7, 2018, 11:02am EST, 8:02am PST, 4:02pm GMT,
November 8, 1:02am AEDT
Vermont's new Ceres as "Agriculture"— model/photo by Jerry Williams, for the third incarnation of Vermont's State House statue. Now in process of being sculpted in her full 14-foot stature, Vermont's third incarnation of the goddess replaces an older one that had deteriorated beyond repair. The new Ceres will be lifted atop the golden dome of the State House at the end of this month. /photo[I have written an article about the history of the three statues for Vermont Woman magazine. I will send link to online version when published.]
Summary of November
A tangible change in the energy field this month slowly turns the tide of 2018 with this November 7 New Moon. Opportunity and adventure beckon as King Jupiter jumps into fiery Sagittarius, where he rules. Halfway through the month, Mercury turns retrograde in that same sign. It takes more time than we want to get a clear sense of direction. Detours or rerouting are likely. The Full Moon on November 23 is dynamic and very busy, with a push-pull of distractions. Exercise discernment—and exercise, period. Oxygenate your body and intuition. Don't believe everything you hear. Find the truth in your heart.
Before I outline the sequence of changes this month, I want to share one especially lovely feature of this New Moon. Let's b that Venus is still retrograde for another week. In her own sign of Libra all month, she graciously smoothes things out and seeks agreements— within ourselves first.
There is a special meeting of Venus and Ceres, conjunct at 26-28 Libra. Ceres is a Mother Nature archetype, Mother of millions of small asteroids. Ceres was the first discovered object in the asteroid belt and the largest. First considered a planet, then one of the growing number of asteroids, it is now considered a dwarf planet. Symbolically, then, Ceres has become more significant in our collective consciousness. I love that she joins Venus, as the Goddess of Love slows to turn forward in her own sign. A new balance is being achieved. We have been through a deep process as Venus plunged into the dark subterranean territory of Scorpio. She pulled us into personal depths to find a new and vital vein of heart intelligence that reverberates in harmony with a chord of truth and connects us to a greater field of universal energy. Ceres suggests this deeper harmony ties into a resonance with Earth energy as well. We need this awareness with the increasing planetary emphasis in the earth signs—Pluto and Saturn approach a powerful 2020 conjunction in Capricorn and, soon, Uranus will be in Taurus.
Venus and Ceres are also in alignment with Spica, the blue white "Gifting Star" in Virgo, representing the sheaf of wheat that she holds, as seed and fruit of Nature's cycle. As Goddess of Agriculture, Ceres is also pictured with a sheaf of wheat, indicating a strong emphasis on the Gifts of the Goddess. Astronomically Venus is unusually close to the star. Are you open to receiving their gifts? Have you found some renewed sense of emotional balance that prepare you to recognize potentials and unexpected options that are opening up for you, that can inform the choices and decisions you make? There is a warning that we be careful not to make rash decisions, but to consider deeply what feels truly and deeply right, honorable and appropriate.  
Let's add in the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon @ 16 Scorpio, as another cosmic feminine reference: "A Girl's Face Breaking into a Smile."
What would cause your face break into a smile, like a sudden shaft of sunlight breaking through the clouds?
Here is a quote in Lynda Hill's classic, The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, for this 16 Scorpio degree, especially relevant to Venus:
"Beauty is a power; a smile is its sword." —Charles Reade
A smile is a Gift from the Goddess, as referenced by this stellium of influences: Venus, Ceres, and Virgo's star Spica.
November's Shifting Ground
This beautiful trio of goddesses gives us a backdrop of three Graces as we look to November's series of significant sign changes that changes the tone of our experience in a clear way. Here's a summary:
October 31— Mercury in Sagittarius & Venus in Libra
On Halloween planetary trickster Mercury shifted into Sagittariusand
Venus retrograded back into Libra, a sweet treat in her own sign. These two planets stay where they are for all of November.
November 6— Uranus back in Ariesuntil March 6, 2019
Uranus sends up flares, lights more fires and creates a fresh surge of excitement. Yet another lightning storm of incoming plasma waves sweeps in from the center of the galaxy. This Awakener planet of higher mind, turns on dormant brain cells, changing our minds. Rewired and surprised? Invite cosmic spaciousness with an Aries open-minded flare of "tabla rasa," standing alert with "Be Here Now" attention.
Uranus stays in Aries into the New Year. We need this Aries "take two" to be stronger and better prepared when Uranus reenters the fields of Taurus again next March, to plow new territory. We'll be in new cosmic country by then.
November 7— This New Moon   in mid-Scorpio announces further exciting changes:
Nov. 8— Jupiter enters Sagittarius!until December 2, 2019
Once a year the Big Planet changes sign. This is the day that finds Jupiter in its rulership for the first time in 12 years! Hurrah! The pace picks up with Jupiter's cheerleading. We are stimulated with visionary fire, enthusiasm and intuitive imagination. Archers, string your bow and sharpen your arrows in readiness. Mercury soon retrogrades in Sagittarius to give us extra time to rewrite the script as we seek our true aim and clear direction. 
This is a juicy sequence of dates: (Read more)

New Venus Full Moon


Full Moon at 1 TAURUS-Scorpio 13
October 24, 2018, 12:45pm EDT, 9:45am PDT, 4:45pm GMT,
October 25, 3:45am AEDT
Mermaid Morgan, by artist William Giese. 
See more of his work on Instagram: william.giese. 

This Full Moon announces the New Venus two days later.

Venus retrograde fully conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio as she merges invisibly into the light of Sun, while the Full Moon in Taurus is intimately involved with (conjunct)  Uranus. 

This is quite a Full Moon dynamic! And squaring the Nodes of the Moon, the Line of Destiny, highlighting a karmic turning point in our collective experience. Repercussions reverberate well into the New Year.

The cosmic seas have been churning with storms of all kinds this year. This is another tidal turning point, evoking the edginess of Uranus transitioning into Taurus. Before it hunkers into its 7-year cycle in that earth sign, the "oddball planet" of revolutionary impact and higher mind consciousness will revert back to Aries for a fresh spark of fire starting in early November. Meanwhile Sir Radical is not letting us forget that the energy field is supernaturally, electrically charged, plowing up new ground (Taurus) in our collective experience. Read More

Natural Law • New Moon Oct. 8


New Moon at 15 Libra 48
October 8, 11:47 pm EDT, 8:47pm PDT,
October 9, 4:47am BST, 1:47pm AEST

Image: Vermont's Ceres, illustration by artist Steve Hogan for the cover of "The Bridge" newspaper, week of April 19-May 2, 2018. See more of Hogan's "groovy art for your modern lifestyle" at A new version of Ceres is being carved for the top of the Vermont Capitol dome, as the old pine statue is falling apart.  

This powerful New Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus and fueled by Pluto. Libra often has a "nice" reputation, known for being accommodating and relational. Maybe not so much this time.

Ruling Venus, is in secretive, mysterious Scorpio, soon to disappear from the evening sky, as she curves back toward the Sun. Retrograde until mid-November, Venus turns backward and inward, seeking deeper meaning in life—especially in such a profound sign as Scorpio. Venus will be withdrawing into deep Scorpionic caverns of the heart all through October. One of her 584-day cycles is ending; a new one begins on October 26, when Venus conjuncts the Sun, infused by the light of our Star.

Venus in deep dark Scorpio matches up with Pluto, the Transformer, challenging this New Moon in Libra to scrutinize and investigate how well the sacred Feather of Truth balances the Scales of Libra. Pluto is a game changer in any sign, and in Capricorn the "rules" in play by are clearly changing.

There are various interpretations of rules. In relation to the Libra's Scales of Justice, we might again consider the phrase "Rule of Law" I brought up last time, and see what we comes to mind these two weeks later. More essentially than the political playing field, let's look at the rules we, individually, play by. As we follow Venus downward and inward, are we being "fair," to ourselves as well as others, in our attitudes and expression?

It may not always be "pretty," and this is the "dark side" both Pluto and Venus retrograde in Scorpio want to expose and have us confront the "mirror, mirror on the wall." Through looking within we can awaken consciousness from the inside out, shedding any dried-out, snarky snakeskins, and  tapping into our truest feelings of love and trust, evoking a fuller, richer sense of self. This is a deep piece of work, no doubt, with strong spiritual overtones, provided by Neptune in harmony with Venus.

Dwarf planet Ceres accompanies this New Moon. Demeter to the Greeks, this goddess of the ancient mysteries adds more esoteric tone to this New Moon— as below, so above— and also a sense of concern and care for the wellbeing of all people and beings of Earth.

As seen above, her great care is for food and farming, feeding the people, body and soul. She calls our attention to the Law of the Land as Natural Law.

Shamanic Chiron, transitioning into Aries, has returned to sea sign Pisces for the next few months, to clear out some outstanding matters, freeing more "troubled waters" to pass under the bridge, thereby suggesting a musical interlude: Bridge Over Troubled Waters. There can be a level of grieving and purification in Chiron's healing process, that resonates with Venus in Scorpio process of acknowledging and releasing regrets, sadness, hurts, etc. 

We are returning to what has gone before, to the truth of who we are, as in that lovely Shaker dance song, written by Elder Joseph Brackett, Jr., for another relevant musical suggestion. Here is an elegant Thanksgiving version (in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving weekend) by Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss, illustrated with a Libran flair.

‘Tis the gift to be simple, ‘tis the gift to be free, 
‘tis the gift to come down where we ought to be.
 And when we find ourselves in the place just right, 
t’will be in the valley of love and delight.   
When true simplicity is gained, to bow and to bend, we shan’t be ashamed,
To turn, turn will be our delight, till by turning, turning, we come ‘round right.” 

The underlying intensity of this seemingly smooth Libra New Moon calls for these very gifts. Let's see where we find ourselves by the time Venus, as Morning Star, turns forward in mid-November. Venus will turn around on the Gifting Star, beautiful bright blue-white Spica, the brighest star in the angelic Virgo constellation, representing the grain she carries as the seed and fruit of the harvest.

The Square Dance keeps playing as Uranus in Taurus squares it up with Mars and Venus retrograde, and most importantly, with the Nodes of the Moon. This is a collective Call to Destiny. We are at a turning point, encouraged now to examine and tune in to how we are feeling after the wild roller coaster of these past few months (since May). Uranus will soon return to Aries for new inspiration and a few new surprises that will inform the way we end this year of 2018.

Stay tuned and in tune!


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Equinox Full Moon: Recalibrating

5Evecrop copy.jpeg

Full Moon at 2 ARIES-Libra 00
September 24, 2018, 10:52pm EDT, 7:52pm PDT,
September 25, 3:52am BST, 12:52pm AEST

Image: "Eve of Hurricane Georges," from the Cosmic Feminine collage series by author, 1998. Hurriedly glued together or else to be blown away by oncoming Hurricane Georges in the Caribbean. Now or never! Note the white Feather of Truth.

The two consciousness-shifting factors current transitioning into new signs are both highly activated at this Full Moon, and both are about to remind us of unfinished business. Check your status. Powerful planetary patterns connection to both of these factors, Chiron and Uranus, are highlighted under this Full Moon, perfectly timed for the imminent Venus retrograde. Are you ready for an altered reality?

This Full Moon is a paradigm-buster page-turner, infused with the quantum implications of Chiron, the Teacher-Healer, transitioning into Aries.

Chiron, a comet-like Centaur Object, with the Full Moon opposite the Sun, evokes alternative ideas, perspective and news. Chiron suggests the proliferation of alternative, revelatory ideas that emerge like cosmic popcorn. Sun-Mercury-Ceres spread messages from the natural world and points of view that need to be heard and discussed.

As he steps into the fresh Aries fire, Chiron lights up subtle and not-so-subtle energy fields with brand-newness. Chiron stands next to this Full Moon, challenging us to follow the Star Trek motto, "to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no [hu]man has gone before!"

Who's in charge?
Saturn, the lordly ringed planet, just turned forward early this month, after 5 months of backward motion, stripping down to simple in order to consolidate sustainable gains. The dynamism of reality-check Saturn with maverick Chiron challenges any pre-formulated plans, confronting us with situations and circumstances that may "blow our minds." Are you open to invention? Trail blazers, please step up.

Saturn leaves no doubt that reality is reshaping, recalibrating. 

Musical suggestions: anything by… Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention...? Why did that occur to me? I was not a fan, so I looked on Youtube and this is the first thing that came up, "Oh, in the Sky!" An astrologer has to go with that!.... Okay, that was different!

More and more we are experiencing the implications of science's discovery of the quantum field. These have been rippling through the collective consciousness for some time now. Here is a timely article shared by the Resonance Science Foundation, leaders in advancing research and education of unified field physics and all sciences to empower people with understanding of their implications in our personal lives and in the world.

Mercury is closely communing with the Sun, like an advisor whispering in the ear. It behooves each of us to listen to "new" news. Ceres is here as well, speaking for the Earth. On the last New Moon newsletter, I wrote about the Ceres-Chiron opposition that comes to fruition at under this Full Moon:

"Ceres, Goddess of Grain and the land's fertility, conveys energy through the subterranean layers of Earth. This dwarf planet just entered Libra and is opposite Chiron, alerting us to the critical agenda of Earth's healing." 

The Sun and Mercury now aligned with Ceres, puts the message out clearly.

"Ceres in Libra calls for debate, negotiation and mediation in the interest of both parties. She is an advocate for those who are underserved, or on the short stick of justice. Things may be way out of balance. A fresh approach may be required and a level of integrity on both sides. Ceres stands for the wellbeing of all. She is asking many pointed questions. Where do we find true justice for all? How do apply the Rule of Law in such chaotic times? Who is right and who is wrong, innocent or guilty? How do we listen and talk to each other? What choices are you making and why?"

We can consult Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom, who places her Feather of Truth on one side of the Libran Scales, balancing it with our hearts and souls, each one. Never more than now have we needed this Feather of Truth places on the Scales of Justice.  Chiron presence tips those scales according to some quantum measure, or may skew it because of some unhealed, unremembered or undiscussed Universal Truths and Divine Harmony.

Uranus in Taurus Square Dance
Unconventional Uranus anchors the second planetary pattern activated under this Full Moon, one that has been leading us a crazy dance since Uranus stepped into Taurus in May. The Awakener, higher consciousness has been intensely applied to social dynamics in the name of higher consciousness by the radical planet of Revolution, that literally turns on its side. 

Uranus has been dancing a change-your-partner square dance with Mars, Venus and this year's eclipses for 6 months. More recenty, Black Moon Lilith has joined the dance. Karmic issues, unhealed history and suppressed anger have flared up to be addressed. Mars/South Node in Aquarius have been asking us to step back for a broad perspective outside of our subjective issues. Some of us experience cognitive disconnect, some of us look for answers beyond the social polarization. We do need to come back to a personal, heart-connected space and take it from there, fostering love rather than hate, fear, anger.

Black Moon Lilith joins bright red Mars on the Aquarian South Node, heightening the electricity in the air and opening uncharted mental space. It is especially important to keep an open mind about what is going on. Judgment limits our perception and is likely to evoke pushback effects. No fooling around with Lilith. Much of what we can call the global "reality show" was triggered by the total solar eclipse last August. If we can manage to take a deep breath, step back, watch and consider what is going on (personally and globally) without emotional reactivity, we can gain a different perspective and let the fresh winds blow through without too much storm damage. Hurricane season is upon us. These times are world changing on so many levels.

Chiron indicates that "something has got to give," and so it will, with some subtle or, more likely dramatic, tipping of the Scales. Some effects will fly under the radar, as Lilith smiles. She sees it coming. Let her blow your mind open and open your heart to the spacious, cosmic, photonic, waves shimmering into our whole solar system. The more synchronicities and serendipities the better!

If we suspend judgment along with initial reactions based on outworn, defensive, or dysfunctional expectations, we may be pleasantly surprised in ways that ultimately delight us. Well, "pleasant" might not quite be the right word. We are truly seeking something deeper, richer, even darker, like relief from the depths of letting go, disentangling.... It takes time. Gratefully we have the Venus retrograde in Scorpio coming up. It starts backward October 5, but we are already in its circle of influence..

Do you have any inklings or fresh ideas cooking? Any feelings you need to recycle and alchemize into more empowering feelings? Take them into the upcoming Venus retrograde that starts early next month. See how they survive or transform in Scorpio, as rich spices are stirred up from the bottom of the Goddess's cauldron.  


Venus Retrograde online class—targeted to start Oct. 5
for the upcoming Scorpio retrograde. Are you feeling it already?
Are you ready for a deep dive with Venus in Scorpio? This is an emotional immersion into a spicy cauldron of transformation in cahoots with the eclipse dragons and Uranus transitioning into Taurus. This class explores the storyline of this process with useful context, suggestions, timing, flowers, goddess allies and helpful hints for generational groups and Venus signs. Goddess of love, beauty and heart intelligence, Venus beckons each of us to richer fulfillment on our life path. Let's listen. 

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Finding Your Feet • New Moon in Virgo


New Moon at 17 Virgo 00
September 9, 2018, 2:01pm EDT, 11:01am PDT, 7:01pm BST,
September 10, 4:01am AEST
: Star Goddess batik card by favorite Vermont artist, Sarah Munro.

This Virgo New Moon, accompanied by skillful Mercury can be an immensely productive time to improve your situation and help others to do the same.

Gaia energy predominates. All the earth signs are represented—Sun, Moon and Mercury in Virgo, appreciate the support of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn, just turned forward in Capricorn. Both Saturn and Mercury are in signs they rule. We can regain some sense of steadiness and be very productive, even if we can't exactly "settle in."

 After a cosmically complicated few months, with three eclipses and numerous planets moving backwards and forwards, we have weathered all kinds of stormy cosmic weather. The season is changing, yet remains somewhat stormy. We are asked to question what is going on in the world, but even more importantly, inside ourselves. Emotions run high.

The key is to feel creatively excited while keeping feet in measured forward movement on the ground. Considering that Neptune is in Pisces, sign of the feet, and that this New Moon opposes Neptune, that may be more of a job than we bargain for. Dancing can be a more fluid option, as Earth quakes and shakes, volcanos rumble, and tectonic plates shift.

Neptune is the sign of Dreaming. Consider this relevant question:

Are we dreaming the Earth or is the Earth dreaming us?  

This is a mutual, shared, interactive consciousness shift. As a member of our solar system family, Earth is evolving along with all of the planets. All of the planets are exhibiting changes under the waterfalls of cosmic glitter washing in from space. Have you seen the photos of the aurora on Saturn's north pole? Look here and . Read More...

Seasonal Currents New Moon


Full Moon at 3 Virgo-PISCES 12
August 26, 2018, 7:56am EDT, 4:56am PDT, 12:56pm BST, 
9:56pm AEST
Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II, oil on canvas, 2008, by Anne Nordhaus-Bike. Anne is a Chicago-based artist and astrologer. You can find out the story behind her Moonrise painting on her art website. For more about her astrology, visit here.

I especially love this particular Full Moon with Virgo Sun and Pisces Full Moon. Somehow it feels like harp music and angelic song, perhaps sung by nature devas, fairyfolk and, naturally, the mermaids of river and Neptunian seas. Are you tuned in to your natural rhythms? If not, it is time. The organic wisdom of your body can guide you if you are listening to its harmonies and discords.

[And if you haven't tuned in to my Cosmic Mermaids webinar, you can still do so. See below.]

Quicksilver Mercury is moving forward and so, at last, is red Mars. These two planetary lights have turned green. Still, there is no need to rev the engine with squealing tires to tarmac. Time marker Saturn is still in caution mode, retrograde until it greenlights on September 6. Flowing with the "go" is still the way to go, slow as the going may be. My Pandora is just now playing, "Where Fools Rush In," so there it is. Patience is well rewarded by Saturn. "There is a time to every purpose under Heaven."

Take advantage of Mars in Capricorn, one of its strong signs until September 10. Carefully consider how your plans are shaping up as you proceed. My friend wise Gail goes by this Buddhist motto: "Proceed as way opens." See how this works for you. What practical action do you need to take to keep things in order and progressing, workably and to your satisfaction? What has changed up, or needs change? Think about where you want to be about two years out, in 2020 when Saturn and Pluto meet up in Capricorn to define a new era. We are now preparing the ground to get us there in good shape. No slouching on this one. We are all called to some purpose. Gather your strength and resolve and be ready to move on it, when the "way opens."

Mercury, after some internal questioning about where you stand with yourself, and what that means to how you are thinking about life, continues on in Leo. When occasion calls, have the courage to say what you need to say, coming from your integrity and with heart. Mercury knows full well how hard it can be to understand and be understood by someone else. Mercury moves into pragmatic Virgo on September 6—right when Saturn is turning forward in Capricorn. We get right down to brass tacks then, just before the next Virgo New Moon. 

In this month of Virgo, we do well to exercise its earthy common sense, ducks-in-a-row, count-every-penny approach that supports Capricorn's timely and orderly distillation into form. Mars, in C currently on board with Pluto, Saturn and Chariklo, Chiron's partner. A river mermaid turned centaur to be with Chiron, she knows how to shapeshift into whatever form most serves love. I like her approach. Think what you need to do, not being ashamed to put yourself first so you can be strong and purposeful, therefore of greater service to others. Such a generous motivation for self-care voids any tinge of selfishness, transcending the clutch of ego. This is not easy these days of heightened chaos and anxiety, but is the keystone act of courage and love to make your contribution to consciousness shift and the betterment of our world. READ MORE!


Lion Heart Solar Eclipse • New Moon 8/11/18



New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse @ 18 LEO 42
August 11, 2018, 5:58am EDT, 2:58pm PDT, 12:58pm BST, 7:58pm AEST
Image: Backdrop design for Daphnis and Chloe, by Marc Chagall, 1958. 

Yet another eclipse doorway invites us to shine brighter. After the total eclipse two weeks ago, we are nudged to continue progress with yet another Lion's Roar, maybe a bit quieter and less dramatic this time under partial shadow. Still, it depends on how this one catches you and turns you inside out, as eclipses will do! 

Mercury retrograde (until August 19) accompanies this fiery, expressive New Moon, suggesting some second thoughts on what we are expressing and how we are doing so. 

This is a good time to think back over what has been going on in your life, to see it with fresh perspective and clearer eyes. Get new glasses if you need them! Think twice before you speak, and find ways to speak from your heart, loving and strong. Feel your heart beat and make more space for your higher heart to shine out across your sternum and into your throat area, aligning heart and throat chakras. Many hearts are hurting and constrained, inhibited and fearful. Breathe in, and contribute to opening the Heart Space during this eclipse. This will reverberate through the collective fields.

This retrograde Mercury is an added caution to the Mars retrograde in progress for another couple of weeks. This regressive movement has been activating reactive rebellion or passive aggression in some quarters, restraint and questioning in others.  What are you doing and how are you doing it? Mars is surely catching our attention with its large, bright red radiance in the night sky. As a sign of higher mind, Aquarius is having an extended activation from Mars while it comes so close in, ramping up social unrest and uncovering hidden information.

Black Moon Lilith has now entered Aquarius (Read More...)

Doozy Druzy • Full Moon July


Vortex Eclipse
Full Moon Total Eclipse at 4 Leo-AQUARIUS 45
July 27, 2018, 4:20pm EDT, 1:20pm PDT, 9:20pm BST
July 28, 2018, 6:20am AEST
Vortice, 2016, glass sculpture by Mary Ann "Toots" Zynsky. Photo by author from Palm Springs (CA) Art Museum exhibition, "No Glass Ceiling: Women Working in Glass, part 1, December 2017. Artist's comment: "I have inside, outside, back of the inside, and the other side. You can never see the whole piece at once. There's always something mysterious, no matter what angle or in what light you're looking at the piece. It forces you to move around it." 

This statement describes a key aspect of this month's radical eclipse season. This Total Lunar Eclipse, fueled by Mars retrograde in cahoots with Uranus, is a highly electrically-charged dynamic that requires changing our stances and looking from difference angles at both our own experience and what is going on in the larger social sphere. Techno issues are rampant and vertigo is becoming a more common experience. The Earth is like a rocking boat, with increasing earthquake and volcanic activity as tectonic plates shift. Grow your sea legs.

This Full Moon Total Eclipse is a doozy, for sure.

Doozy is defined as "something extraordinary or bizarre."  Druzies are stones upon which tiny quartz crystals form, creating a shimmer effect. Vortice, name of the pictured art piece above, refers to "vortex," a whirling mass of fluid or air that spins so fast it pulls everything into it— as in whirlwind or whirlpool, maybe a tornado, a hurricane or a black hole. A total eclipse is a kind of vortex, dark to light. 

This Full Moon Eclipse is all of the above. Its planetary dynamics indicate a power potential appropriate for a total lunar eclipse sandwiched between two more subtle solar eclipses. More often we have two eclipses twice a year. When we get a bonus third eclipse, it's a more intense eclipse "storm."  Also this is an especially long eclipse, extending the depth and reach of the dark vortex as we move through a spacetime wormhole tunnel! Are you up for an adventure. Read More.

Power of the Water • New Moon


New Moon at 20 Cancer 41, partial solar eclipse
July 12, 2018, 10:48pm EDT, 7:48pm PDT
July 13, 2018, 3:48am BST, 12:48pm AEST
Drawing of Naga Kanya, 2013, on St. John. This sculpture came to me for my 50th birthday. I drew this before sending her off to a new home. It turned out I was about to head out to a new home as well. I came to know her so much more intimately while drawing her, paying close attention and bringing her into expression.

 "The bright moon congeals the gold liquid,
Blue lotus refines jade reality.
When you've cooked the marrow of the sun and moon,
The pearl is so bright you don't worry about poverty."

—from Thomas Cleary, "Immortal Sisters"

This Cancer New Moon is mildly eclipsed with just a touch of shadow, a subtle Cancerian hint at some tidal shift in play.

The cosmic dance is quite intricate this season, with various planets moving backwards and forwards from Earth's point of view. It might, at times, feel like a kid's bumper car track, or a spicy tango. Three eclipses add to the excitement. 

We had two major planet sign changes in April and May, which take some getting used to (into next year). Now we have time to pause, try things out and reconsider. June may have been the smoothest sailing of the season, but not for everyone. July takes a back step, with juicy dynamics challenging, emotional, and creatively inspiring. The New Moon on July 13 is partially eclipsed, followed by total lunar eclipse on July 27. The New Moon on August 11 is partial bonus eclipse. Expect and welcome change. Stay up with the times!

 On this New Moon Mermaid Cancer is expressing herself. Such a mermaid time! (Last time I wrote about mermaid Salacia. You can read about her here. See announcement below re upcoming Cosmic Mythic Mermaid webinar). With intense plasma waves coming in through the solar field, mermaids are feeling the tides in the cosmic flow evoking ancient memories. Many mermaids are emerging, a choir of sing song, sea song. So I am going with the flow here, following what comes up as I write. 

We have both a water triangle and an earth triangle of planets, for a fertile field of manifestation. The main hub of this elemental dynamic is Pluto in Capricorn opposite the New Moon. Pluto is so closely in opposition that the subjectivity and moodiness of Cancer can be more pronounced with undercurrents and subterfuge. Oh my! did you get that merge of "subterfuge" with a musical "fugue"? Where did that come from? This unconscious juicy word meld sent me off on a research vision quest, starting with dictionary references.
Subterfuge is defined as "an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something, etc.," in other words, a deception, scheme, ruse, trick. Here are two interesting musical tracks that can evoke another level of understanding beyond the mental. Check these out (if you dare). 

"Subterfuge" track from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones' 2006 album, The Hidden Land.

The album cover shows them in what looks like an underground cave with water. It's a rather wild and intriguing jazz piece. You can continue on to listen to "Sinister Minister," for further musical reference to Pluto.

There is also a "Subterfuge" track from Demolition, a Judas Priest album. This is a new group to me, pretty intense. Honestly I couldn't listen to the whole piece. FYI: it comes with Parental Advisory warning. (Read More.)

Sculpted Full Moon • June 28, 7:53am


Full Moon at 6 Cancer-CAPRICORN 28
June 27, 2018, 9:53pm PDT
June 28, 2018, 12:53am EDT, 5:53am BST, 7:53am AEST

Image: Mermaid drawing by Paula Lamay, photographed (above the bathtub) by author in farmhouse of Aloha Works teacher, healer and reader, Katherine Veilleux, one of the special people in the Vermont's Green Mountains (  

Full Moon in Earth Sign Capricorn

Ringed Saturn shapes this Full Moon with crafty skill and a new twist. In Capricorn, its own sign, Saturn rules. The Full Moon stands by to point it out. Best to look for Saturn a day or so before or after the Full Moon, so it shows up more clearly. Remember that the far stars twinkle, our neighborhood planets radiate. Saturn's dramatic rings are tilted toward Earth, making for fabulous viewing through a telescope or even binoculars. 

Skywatching is prime this month. Red Mars, turning retrograde in the midst of an unusual dust storm, follows close on Saturn's heels, close to the Moon on the 30th, and increasing in brightness. Venusremains the bright evening star in the west, as Jupiterrises around sunset and ascends through the night.

Full Moon in Capricorn is like a sculptor who frees the form from inside the stone.

What is your true shape?

The "new twist" to this Full Moon is the keystone planetoid, Chiron, squaring the Moon and Sun from early Aries. This is a highly activated invitation to meet each moment anew, fresh without any preconceptions. That's a tall order, impulsed by green-lit neural pathways shimmering with cosmic sparkle and heightened charge from plasma streams. Obvious indicators demonstrate that new developments are happening. Our experiences are being shaped in unusual ways, as Mars shifts karmic direction. 

 As I wrote at the beginning of this Moon cycle two weeks ago:
"The mystery of life is great. Some things just do not make rational sense. Are there other forms of logic?"

Have you been experiencing any especially mind-blowing serendipities/ synchronicities? Like crumbs or feathers on the path, they let us know we are going in the right direction. Some events, like locked gates, let us know that particular path is no longer open to us, or the time is not right. This Full Moon holds such indicators.  

Saturn and Chiron impact this Moon strongly by demonstrating how evidently the outline of reality is being redrawn (by whom? are you on the team?)

 Watch for Mermaid Sightings.

We can't forget that the Moon is reflecting the Sun in Cancer, a water, mermaid sign. (I have a Cancer Moon so I know, and I have met many other mermaids and mermen.)

The Queen of the Mermaids in the sky! Sweet and salty and strong, Salacia became Neptune's Queen. She, too, squares this Full Moon. She welcomed Chiron into Aries, and now occupies 3-4 degrees of that fire sign. Her fire is seen as the sparkles on the calm, sunlit sea, as if reflecting the stars in the sky. You see her in the shafts of sunlight that penetrate down into the water, rippling and shimmering. Salacia laughs and sings her sweet, seductive song as she plays with dolphins along the Moonlit path on the water. Not simply sweet, she is a little salty, too. She feels things deeply, questioning emotional interplay from a place of steady self-honoring. She knows her worth and keeps her council. You prove yourself with her. These qualities inform her astrological signature. Pay attention. (Read More)

New Moon June: Cosmic Inspiration

New Moon at 22 Gemini 44
June 13, 2018, 3:43pm EDT, 12:43pm PDT, 8:43pm BST, 
June 14, 5:43am AEST

Image: "Brooklyn Bridge," Georgia O'Keefe, 1949, oil on masonite. Her farewell painting to New York on the eve of her solo move to New Mexico. What do you want to say farewell to during this switch-up Moon cycle? Photo by author from show at Peabody Art Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, 2018.
Still influenced by Neptune, this New Moon may carry wispy remnants of dreams and otherworlds that challenge our practical focus or create distractions, confusion or inspiration. Reality, as we each perceive it, flips around with various interpretations. News, personal and global, will continue to expose our subjective biases. How are we interpreting— with our rational minds? our logic? our hearts? our intuition? (Continued below the image.)


The mystery of life is great. Some things just do not make rational sense. Are there other forms of "logic"? How do we engage logic within the mystery, especially when we just don't see (yet) what is going on below the surface? And then, when a psychic volcano erupts and we do see underlying layers exposed, beyond our expectations or stretching our conceptualizations, how do we deal with them? Go to the heart.
What is the best way for you to decode such subtle influence and nuanced information from this type of message stream? It's like a song. Perhaps you will want to sing it, tone it, play it on the piano?
Something from within, another layer of your life, needs to be expressed, perhaps creatively. When we don't know what it is that wants to come out, artistic play is a really good way to tap your inner impulses. Especially for the next week and on through the Full Moon, Venus just now entering Leo supports creative endeavors and personal expression. 
The interplay of Venus and Mars in the next couple of weeks also stimulates the creative juices. Any such medium can be a good means to channel the high emotional charge that can come with the imminent interaction of Venus and Mars across the sky from each other. 
Watch for brilliant Venus setting in the west, with ruddy Mars rising in the east. No doubt you will notice glorious Jupiter higher in the eastern sky as well. This mythic pair is stirred into action by the dragons of destiny, Mars riding the Dragon's Tail, or South Node of the Moon (past influences, a bit of a choppy ride) and Venus riding the Dragon's Head, or North Node of the Moon, the evolution point. Personal relationships are highlighted, suggesting turning points in our lives and loves.
Perspective is needed to channel energy to be expressed in ways that warm our hearts. We may need to step back, take a deep breath and consider what we are doing and how we like what it. Our hearts want to be richer and happier, more satisfied. That may include fuller expression of ourselves through generosity to others, which precludes judgment and bias to focus on what we have in common. This is a current priority for us to move forward as a human family. (Read More.)

Red Start Full Moon • May 29-30, 2018

Boulon.Eart to Moon.jpeg

Full Moon at 8 Gemini-SAGITTARIUS 10
May 29, 2018, 10:19am EDT, 7:48am PDT, 3:48pm BST,
May 30, 12:19am AEST

Image: Earth to Moon, Kimberly Boulon, oil, 2003. One of St. John's favorite artists, you can see more of her land and seascapes at She gave this painting to me, as we share the same birthday and I was the cosmic inspiration. It reminds me of how intimate the Moon and Earth are. 

The Full Moon on May 29-30 fulfills the deep-thinking considerations impulsed by new developments and a significant shift in the planetary cycles inaugurated on the New Moon. With Uranus trying on its new Taurus garb, we are beginning tap into the new energies and get our feet back under us, with subterranean forces still at work.

The Sun and Moon are channeling the vibration of two royal, red super giant stars. The Sun is now consorting with Aldebaran, Watcher of the East, the red star of Taurus that marks the Bull's Eye. This Eye sees through materiality into its spiritual essence, Earth as sacred. 

Aldebaran is a star of The Dancer, who moves in rhythms that embody the joy of incarnation. Aldebaran calls for honor in all of our dealings, a challenge in today's greedy business culture.  Let's keep this in mind as a central theme for the 7-year passage of Uranus in Taurus and prepare to change it up. Star with what makes your life worth living and take it from there. 

The Full Moon feels the intensity of Antares, the Watcher of the West, the very gargantuan red star of the Scorpion's Heart. There is a call to courage, a rousing drive to give "it" all you've got, which can lead to success. What is your "it" factor? Let go of anything lesser, but beware of a tendency to go to extremes. What is the motivation behind your actions, your desires? (Read More)


Medusa New Moon


May 15, 2018, 7:48am EDT, 4:48am PDT, 12:48pm BST, 
9:48pm AEST
Medusa, clay sculpture by author, 1998.

Uranus moves into Taurus on this May 15 New Moon—a naturally cosmic moment to begin a new phase of collective experience, one with global implications and personal impact for each of us. This whole Moon cycle is colored by this sign shift of Uranus, the Awakener. 

Are you feeling the Earth quake under your feet? Taurus is about using resources to their utmost, asking, "How can you best use your time, energy and money? What will be most productive, give the most satisfying results, not only in the short term, but more importantly the long run?"

Taurus is an earth sign. This shift is very much about Earth herself. “Earth (Taurus) quake (Uranus)” is a pithy keyword description for this, with evidently increasing manifestations. Earth is going through energetic and physical changes from incoming galactic frequencies conducted by solar waves. Check out space weather sites for more on this. Our planet is like an organ in the larger body of the solar system, reflecting our biology. Earth has its function, as do all the other planets, including newly discovered planetoids in our expanding solar system. This is beyond what we call climate change. 

[There is so much more to say about it, that I want to do just that say more. I will soon be inaugurating a new audio format. This will allow me to share a fuller stream of information than my fingers can type out in the same amount of time. Stay tuned.] (Read More)

Seriously Ceres Full Moon


FULL MOON at 9 Taurus-SCORPIO 39
April 29, 2018, 8:58pm EDT, 5:58pm PDT
April 30, 1:58am BST, 10:58am AEST
Image: Photo by author. This is the second statue of Ceres, State Goddess of Vermont, who has stood atop the golden dome of the State House since 1938. I was taken up through the barnlike dome out to the cupola on top, where I could touch the hem of her robe, a mythically thrilling experience. 

The Full Moon in Scorpio reflects the Sun in Taurus, evoking the zodiacal polarity of subatomic dance moves with power to transform the material world from the inside out. The joint rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, still joined up in the basic structures of Capricorn, are breaking up some painful arthritic joints in the global skeletal power system. Korea! Black Moon Lilith stands with them, wielding authoritative earth magic.

The Full Moon soon moves to meet with the King of the Gods, Jupiter in Scorpio, for a gigantic volcanic eruption in the collective consciousness. We are poised on a Full Moon precipice, with Chiron now in Aries and Uranus about to go into Taurus— right on the next New Moon! Woohoo! Wild times in the celestial realms. There will a lot to say next time. I'll probably need to record extra audio interpretation. 

There's a buzz everywhere on multiple levels, as Dragons fly through the celestial spheres. The Nodes of the Moon, also known as the Dragon's Head and Tail, closely square the Sun and Full Moon, giving it four-square manifestational impact. "Something's happening here," what it is just ain't exactly clear—yet. (Read More Here)