New Moon at 26 Libra 35


Image: HAUMEA, Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, is a dwarf planet with an orbit about 35 years longer than Pluto. Both planets having elliptical orbits, Haumea periodically comes closer to us than Pluto. See more below. (Photo by the Instituto de Astroffsica de Andalucia, Spain, with partially colored Haumea page from this author's Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book.)

 A welcome Sabian Symbol for this 27 Libra New Moon: "A Spot of Light in Clear Skies, an Aeroplane Sails Calmly"
 "Dwelling above the normal stress of existence," is Dane Rudhyar's interpretation. "Superior mental vision. Calm, objective observation; quiet inner strength." Don't we need that these days?!  Whatever it takes to create some space of calm in your life is, perhaps, the leading edge of consciousness to maintain integrity. The chaos on the outside is driving us inward, even more so now that Jupiter is in Scorpio, the sign of inner depths, the first in a series of significant planetary sign changes coming our way. Before we plunge into those waters, however, Uranus claims our immediate attention.

This most dynamic New Moon is charged to high octaves by Uranus, the Awakener. Can you feel the snapping and zapping of high-charged electricity into our planetary system, including our personal mental/emotional/physical vehicles? This is a high dose of rapid clearing winds and sudden switches, much like the unprecedented storms that have changed landscapes and lives in the blink of an eye. Read More.