Heart of Space New Moon


New Moon at 26 Sagittarius 31
December 17, 10:30pm PST
December 18, 1:30am EST, 6:30am GMT, 5:30pm AEDT
Image: Unicorn Pegasus heads toward Earth with Venus' blessing. (Web collage by Dana Hunt.)

This New Moon sets our intuitive Sag-sights from a deep impulse, as it amplifies Mercury's retrograde dive deep into the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy at 26 Sagittarius. Set your sights into the New Year and out two and a half years, which is Saturn's time frame in Capricorn. Stepping in time with the Solstice Sun, Saturn claims this New Year as his domain. We have about 30 months to fulfill a significant accomplishment. Name yours, draft a game Plan A, and keep a Plan B and Plan C on hand.

Saturn leads the way across the Unicorn cusp that joins the imagery of the one-pointed arrow of Sagittarius and the mythic Sea-Goat of Capricorn. The Moon, Saturn, Sun, then Venus follow.  Mercury, the Trickster, has circled and welcomed Venus into Sagittarius to light up this New Moon with her holiday cheer and join Saturn for a spectacular Solstice celebration. Consider this Saturn Solstice as the true New Year. 

Mercury completes the celestial caravanserai, turning forward on December 23, then crossing the Unicorn cusp on 1/11 with final New Year greetings and pulling another resolution or two out of a back pocket. 

This has been a very deep Mercury retrograde process...(Read More)