New Year Super Full Moon


Full Moon at 11 Capricorn-CANCER 38
January 1, 2018, 9:24pm EST, 6:24pm PST
January 2, 2018, 2:24am GMT, 1:24pm AEDT

Image (below): "Memory," oil painting by Agnes Pelton, 1937, photographed by author at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Cancer is a sign of deep memory and impressions. Doesn't this image also evoke a new year's celebratory flute of champagne? 

A Super Full Moon begins a New Year! What an encouraging augur! A super Full Moon looks larger, since it is closer to Earth. Can you FEEL its tidal pull? And we'll get another Super Full—and Blue—Moon at the end of this month. What a way to start a year! (Consider the painting...and read below.)


The Moon is especially strong in its own sign, Cancer. We may feel we want to stay close to home and hearth, to our near ones and dear ones on this Moon of moons. It is not often we have a New (Super!) Moon to open a new year. Its energy will define and carry throughout the year, highlighting this year as special, outstanding and memorable in larger global and smaller personal ways. Moon in Cancer is a strong evocation of the Mother Goddess who wraps her arms around us all. Taking a cue from Capricorn, she supports our growth, kindly urging us to mature, to stretch into our full capacity, to take responsibility and take charge of our lives as fully as we are able. Helping each other along the way, we strengthen family, community, nation and the global family.

Cancer often has a particularly deep memory, hence the graphic above. Read More...