Super Blue Eclipse

PeggyL.Full Red Moon rising.9-6-17.jpeg

Full Moon at 11 LEO-Aquarius 37
January 31, 2018, 8:27am EST, 5:27am PST, 1:27pm GMT
February 1, 12:27am AEDT (not Blue in Sydney, Australia)

(Image: Full Red Moon Rising, photo by Cosmic Inspiration reader Peggy Lenahan.)

It was pretty special to have a Super Full Moon to begin 2018, auguring an "interesting" year. Now this Full Moon ups the ante by being not only Super, but Blue and a Total Eclipse as well. Well! Well done, Moon. High fiving you, Kosmos. 

A Super Moon is closer to Earth than usual. A Blue Moon is a second Full Moon in one month. A Total Eclipse is indicated by a close conjunction with the Nodes of the Moon, points where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun. This is a veritable convergence of especially special. Let it be so. 

Science magazine says such a phenomenon hasn't happened since 1866, calling it a "super blue blood moon eclipse," since an eclipsed moons has a ruddy, "bloody" appearance. People in western North America, Asia, Australia, and most of the eastern hemisphere will see this eclipse. If you can see it, will your blood turn blue? A Blueblood is often defined as "a person of noble birth." This is relevant to the Leo archetype, with its royal solar flair/flare

I imagine the ruddy and blue Moon to turn some shade of purple, calling for magic. In esoteric tradition, the amethyst Violet Ray is the source of invocation and ceremonial magic, the fusion of spirit and matter, and the transfiguration effect of angelic love and compassion. The energy of this ray moves through channels in our bodies to dispel shadows and heal. Take a large full breath and see how that feels. Do you become more aware of the rhythm of your heart?  On this Full Moon, the large breath...(read more):