New Venus Full Moon


Full Moon at 1 TAURUS-Scorpio 13
October 24, 2018, 12:45pm EDT, 9:45am PDT, 4:45pm GMT,
October 25, 3:45am AEDT
Mermaid Morgan, by artist William Giese. 
See more of his work on Instagram: william.giese. 

This Full Moon announces the New Venus two days later.

Venus retrograde fully conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio as she merges invisibly into the light of Sun, while the Full Moon in Taurus is intimately involved with (conjunct)  Uranus. 

This is quite a Full Moon dynamic! And squaring the Nodes of the Moon, the Line of Destiny, highlighting a karmic turning point in our collective experience. Repercussions reverberate well into the New Year.

The cosmic seas have been churning with storms of all kinds this year. This is another tidal turning point, evoking the edginess of Uranus transitioning into Taurus. Before it hunkers into its 7-year cycle in that earth sign, the "oddball planet" of revolutionary impact and higher mind consciousness will revert back to Aries for a fresh spark of fire starting in early November. Meanwhile Sir Radical is not letting us forget that the energy field is supernaturally, electrically charged, plowing up new ground (Taurus) in our collective experience. Read More