Cuspy Full Moon • November 23, 2018

Lenahan.almost full moon eclipse 7 26 18.jpeg

Full Moon at 00 Sagittarius/ GEMINI 52

November 22, 2018, 9:39pm PST
November 23, 2018, 12:39am EST, 5:39am GMT, 2:39pm AEDT
Almost Full Moon Eclipse, 7-26-18, photograph by Cosmic News reader Peggy Lenahan. 

This Full Moon falls at the intersection of two zodiac signs—cusps, we call them. Such edges where signs overlap offer creative mixtures of zodiac imagery. I've played with these from time to time over the years, without making it a formal study. This Full Moon gives an excellent opportunity to overlay imagery and merge signs.

Sun at 0+ Sagittarius, still carries an undercurrent of Scorpio's intensity. 

One option of their joined imagery is the Zen Archer!

String the Sagittarian bow and fit it with a sharp arrow from the Archer's quiver. Prepare to let loose that arrow, but wait. Close your eyes. Tap into your heart. Listen deeply. Move the aim of the arrow as you feel out the direction that will be the truest for you. Then Zing! let go the arrow as your intuition indicates the time is right. 

Full Moon at 0+ Gemini, merges earthy Taurus with airy Gemini to give us the Dandelion— from deep earthy Taurus roots to airborn Gemini seedlings.

With healthy roots and nutritious leaves for salads, tea and remedies, the dandelion spreads prolifically across lawns and fields in spring/summer. Often dismissed as a weed, dandelion is a earthy herbal power house with a touch of Gemini whimsy. The yellow fuzzy flower is colorful, teasing and fun-looking, attracting bees, butterflies and beetles, before unexpectedly turning to fluffy winged parachutes that carry seedlings on the wind far and wide to pop up in new places next spring. 

The Sun and Moon both square Mars, now in Pisces. There is so much going on, this week can feel like a busy big city intersection at rush hour. 

In such a pattern, three corners of a square are occupied, leaving empty the 4th corner. This empty corner is called in; the activity of the squares moves to fill in that empty corner, Virgo! Keep your priorities straight, find your natural flow and you will find things work out—in spite of Mercury retrograde!

Ah, yes, Mercury is retrograde until December 6, just in time for the next New Moon. Don't be dismayed, use it! Take advantage of this "time out" from mundane time. Meanwhile so many celestial signs encourage us to transmute fears, anxieties and (Read More…)