Dream Vision New Moon


New Moon @ 15 Sagittarius 07
December 6, 2018, 11:20pm PST
December 7, 2:20am EST, 7:20am GMT, 6:20pm AEDT
: Ancient Goddess Gemu resides in Lion Mountain and appears to the people riding a white horse. For this New Moon, perhaps we can see her as a horse goddess aspect of the Sagittarian Archer.  Brilliant goddess scholar Max Dashu (of www.suppressedhistories.net) recently shared about Gemu, referencing this website for more of her stories and interesting history.

December offers clear breath of fresh motivation and inspiration. Get on your horse and ride with Gemu!

A quick succession of planetary movements picks up the pace:
*12/6   Mercury turns forward@27 Scorpio—deep reconsiderations and mental reconfigurations uncover insights that lead to a vision we can enthusiasically aim for.
*12/6-7   New Moon @ 15+ Sagittarius—a new lunar cycle begins tapping into profound impulse from The Great Attractor, the focal point of a gigantic galactic supercluster of thousands of galaxies that our Milky Way Galaxy is part of. Wow, more than Awesome.
*12/8    Chiron turns forward@ 28 Pisces— healing water flow under the bridge freeing up old pain, opening compassion and spiritual grace, as new cellular and brain synapses fire up.
*12/12   Mercury re-enters Sagittarius, sighting the true target.
*12/21-22   Mercury meets up with Jupiter in Sagittarius, powerful in its own sign, on the Solstice Full Moon— the Messenger of the Gods broadcasts wisdom from the King of the Gods, wielder of the lightning bolt. More on this next time, when we'll all know more.

The Sabian Symbol that goes with it. Dane Rudhyar's version is my favorite for 16 Sagittarius:

"A calm ocean; a motionless ship; lazily soaring seagulls."

(Read more… ) So much GREAT STUFF to read this month…don’t miss it!!!