Alternative Realities • Full Moon 7:51pm EST

Wahlrab.Merge 16x16.jpeg

Full Moon at 11 VIRGO-Pisces 23
March 1, 2018, 7:51pm EST, 4:51PM PST
March 2, 12:51am GMT, 11:51am AEDT
Image: "Merge," by Susan Wahlrab, varnished watercolor on archival clayboard. See more of her extraordinary, original works at If you are in Vermont or Maine, her new work opens at the West Branch Gallery in Stowe, Vermont on March 24 and in The Choice Show at Maine Art Kennebunk on June 9 and Maine Art Shows, July 21.

This Full Moon in earth sign Virgo is a form of prayer to us from Earth, Mother Nature, to realign ourselves with spiritual, galactic frequencies that are showering down through interstellar space.

Humanity serves by quietly and consciously connecting Heaven and Earth. We each have our gift to give.

The Full Moon in Virgo is reflecting the Sun and a host of planets across the sky in Pisces. Neptune rules in the Piscean seas, close to the Sun on this Full Moon. He wields his trident, stirring up choppy waters, raising foggy mist and veiled illusions, as well as inspiring whispers from angelic realms that invite us to new levels of perception more from heart than head. We can't believe all that we hear of the spoken word. Everyone has an agenda, conscious or not. What is yours? What does your seeking heart and soul yearn for?

For some, this Full Moon may come in the guise of bodily symptoms of discomfort or anxiety, prompting shifts in diet, schedule or work as we seek shelter and peace amidst stormy waters. Do you need a nap or daytime rest for a peaceful moment of communion with your spirit? Our bodies are the first port of call for our vulnerable sensitivities when we are not quite sure of our hold on reality, lately so fluid, flexible and flummoxing. 

Therein lies the key question: what is reality?

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