Photonic Waterfall New Moon


NEW MOON at 26 Aries 02
April 15, 9:57pm EDT, 6:57pm PDT,
April 16, 2:57am BST, 11:57am AEST
Image: "Glee," mixed media, by Carolyn Caldwell. See more of her fresh work at: She shared this quote, so relevant to this New Moon cycle, in her recent email newsletter:

Forget the cringing selves you sometimes are
and remember, instead,
the magic essence of your own being
that sings even now through your fingertips.
That is the reality which you are seeking.
Experience it fully.  

SUCH a momentous New Moon!

Fireworks and breakthrough developments on the threshold of major global change. Consciousness-changing planets are about to change signs, thereby changing our planetary consciousness! Incoming photonic waves sweeping subliminal light through our solar system via solar winds. New dimensions of experience are waking us up, both in sudden gusts (like now) and slowly but surely. 

Uranus! Mercury turns forward while Saturn turns backward. 
Chiron enters Aries! 
Prepare for Uranus entering Taurus!! (May 15)

This Uranus-charged, electric kool-aid New Moon in late Aries is ready-set-to go on the heels of Mercury's forward turn in early Aries. 

Any forward, focused momentum of the productive Saturn-Mars conjunction in Capricorn might have been diverted to other responsibilities. (Read More)