Seriously Ceres Full Moon


FULL MOON at 9 Taurus-SCORPIO 39
April 29, 2018, 8:58pm EDT, 5:58pm PDT
April 30, 1:58am BST, 10:58am AEST
Image: Photo by author. This is the second statue of Ceres, State Goddess of Vermont, who has stood atop the golden dome of the State House since 1938. I was taken up through the barnlike dome out to the cupola on top, where I could touch the hem of her robe, a mythically thrilling experience. 

The Full Moon in Scorpio reflects the Sun in Taurus, evoking the zodiacal polarity of subatomic dance moves with power to transform the material world from the inside out. The joint rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, still joined up in the basic structures of Capricorn, are breaking up some painful arthritic joints in the global skeletal power system. Korea! Black Moon Lilith stands with them, wielding authoritative earth magic.

The Full Moon soon moves to meet with the King of the Gods, Jupiter in Scorpio, for a gigantic volcanic eruption in the collective consciousness. We are poised on a Full Moon precipice, with Chiron now in Aries and Uranus about to go into Taurus— right on the next New Moon! Woohoo! Wild times in the celestial realms. There will a lot to say next time. I'll probably need to record extra audio interpretation. 

There's a buzz everywhere on multiple levels, as Dragons fly through the celestial spheres. The Nodes of the Moon, also known as the Dragon's Head and Tail, closely square the Sun and Full Moon, giving it four-square manifestational impact. "Something's happening here," what it is just ain't exactly clear—yet. (Read More Here)