Full Blue Moon • Mercury Equinox Extension

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FULL (BLUE!) MOON at 10 Aries-LIRBRA 45
May 31: 8:37am EDT, 5:37am PDT, 12:37pm GMT, 9:37pm AEDT 

Yes, Mercury is retrograde! Let's make a joyful noise and be glad for a bit or respite. Let's take a look back at this phenomenon and its current story.

We passed the Equinox turning point into Aries, bringing in a fresh new season, no matter which hemisphere you are in. 

Is everyone on the same page? No, not yet.

Mercury goes retrograde (tomorrow). Had to give y'all a quick heads up!

Use this time well to reach out for possibilities that delight you. Mercury is close to Venus, stopping just after their meet up with Venus. "Nice to see you," kiss kiss, "I love you. I'll catch up with you again in the fall, Glorious Goddess, to tell you some secrets." With a Namaste and a wave, he turns around to head back to the beginning of Aries. "I need to keep the Equinox door open for Chiron and welcome him into Aries. Just a few weeks to go!" 

Mercury stops at 16-17 Aries (a good number to use for the lottery this week):

Two Prim Spinsters are sitting together in silence.

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