New Moon June: Cosmic Inspiration

New Moon at 22 Gemini 44
June 13, 2018, 3:43pm EDT, 12:43pm PDT, 8:43pm BST, 
June 14, 5:43am AEST

Image: "Brooklyn Bridge," Georgia O'Keefe, 1949, oil on masonite. Her farewell painting to New York on the eve of her solo move to New Mexico. What do you want to say farewell to during this switch-up Moon cycle? Photo by author from show at Peabody Art Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, 2018.
Still influenced by Neptune, this New Moon may carry wispy remnants of dreams and otherworlds that challenge our practical focus or create distractions, confusion or inspiration. Reality, as we each perceive it, flips around with various interpretations. News, personal and global, will continue to expose our subjective biases. How are we interpreting— with our rational minds? our logic? our hearts? our intuition? (Continued below the image.)


The mystery of life is great. Some things just do not make rational sense. Are there other forms of "logic"? How do we engage logic within the mystery, especially when we just don't see (yet) what is going on below the surface? And then, when a psychic volcano erupts and we do see underlying layers exposed, beyond our expectations or stretching our conceptualizations, how do we deal with them? Go to the heart.
What is the best way for you to decode such subtle influence and nuanced information from this type of message stream? It's like a song. Perhaps you will want to sing it, tone it, play it on the piano?
Something from within, another layer of your life, needs to be expressed, perhaps creatively. When we don't know what it is that wants to come out, artistic play is a really good way to tap your inner impulses. Especially for the next week and on through the Full Moon, Venus just now entering Leo supports creative endeavors and personal expression. 
The interplay of Venus and Mars in the next couple of weeks also stimulates the creative juices. Any such medium can be a good means to channel the high emotional charge that can come with the imminent interaction of Venus and Mars across the sky from each other. 
Watch for brilliant Venus setting in the west, with ruddy Mars rising in the east. No doubt you will notice glorious Jupiter higher in the eastern sky as well. This mythic pair is stirred into action by the dragons of destiny, Mars riding the Dragon's Tail, or South Node of the Moon (past influences, a bit of a choppy ride) and Venus riding the Dragon's Head, or North Node of the Moon, the evolution point. Personal relationships are highlighted, suggesting turning points in our lives and loves.
Perspective is needed to channel energy to be expressed in ways that warm our hearts. We may need to step back, take a deep breath and consider what we are doing and how we like what it. Our hearts want to be richer and happier, more satisfied. That may include fuller expression of ourselves through generosity to others, which precludes judgment and bias to focus on what we have in common. This is a current priority for us to move forward as a human family. (Read More.)