Doozy Druzy • Full Moon July


Vortex Eclipse
Full Moon Total Eclipse at 4 Leo-AQUARIUS 45
July 27, 2018, 4:20pm EDT, 1:20pm PDT, 9:20pm BST
July 28, 2018, 6:20am AEST
Vortice, 2016, glass sculpture by Mary Ann "Toots" Zynsky. Photo by author from Palm Springs (CA) Art Museum exhibition, "No Glass Ceiling: Women Working in Glass, part 1, December 2017. Artist's comment: "I have inside, outside, back of the inside, and the other side. You can never see the whole piece at once. There's always something mysterious, no matter what angle or in what light you're looking at the piece. It forces you to move around it." 

This statement describes a key aspect of this month's radical eclipse season. This Total Lunar Eclipse, fueled by Mars retrograde in cahoots with Uranus, is a highly electrically-charged dynamic that requires changing our stances and looking from difference angles at both our own experience and what is going on in the larger social sphere. Techno issues are rampant and vertigo is becoming a more common experience. The Earth is like a rocking boat, with increasing earthquake and volcanic activity as tectonic plates shift. Grow your sea legs.

This Full Moon Total Eclipse is a doozy, for sure.

Doozy is defined as "something extraordinary or bizarre."  Druzies are stones upon which tiny quartz crystals form, creating a shimmer effect. Vortice, name of the pictured art piece above, refers to "vortex," a whirling mass of fluid or air that spins so fast it pulls everything into it— as in whirlwind or whirlpool, maybe a tornado, a hurricane or a black hole. A total eclipse is a kind of vortex, dark to light. 

This Full Moon Eclipse is all of the above. Its planetary dynamics indicate a power potential appropriate for a total lunar eclipse sandwiched between two more subtle solar eclipses. More often we have two eclipses twice a year. When we get a bonus third eclipse, it's a more intense eclipse "storm."  Also this is an especially long eclipse, extending the depth and reach of the dark vortex as we move through a spacetime wormhole tunnel! Are you up for an adventure. Read More.