Equinox Full Moon: Recalibrating

5Evecrop copy.jpeg

Full Moon at 2 ARIES-Libra 00
September 24, 2018, 10:52pm EDT, 7:52pm PDT,
September 25, 3:52am BST, 12:52pm AEST

Image: "Eve of Hurricane Georges," from the Cosmic Feminine collage series by author, 1998. Hurriedly glued together or else to be blown away by oncoming Hurricane Georges in the Caribbean. Now or never! Note the white Feather of Truth.

The two consciousness-shifting factors current transitioning into new signs are both highly activated at this Full Moon, and both are about to remind us of unfinished business. Check your status. Powerful planetary patterns connection to both of these factors, Chiron and Uranus, are highlighted under this Full Moon, perfectly timed for the imminent Venus retrograde. Are you ready for an altered reality?

This Full Moon is a paradigm-buster page-turner, infused with the quantum implications of Chiron, the Teacher-Healer, transitioning into Aries.

Chiron, a comet-like Centaur Object, with the Full Moon opposite the Sun, evokes alternative ideas, perspective and news. Chiron suggests the proliferation of alternative, revelatory ideas that emerge like cosmic popcorn. Sun-Mercury-Ceres spread messages from the natural world and points of view that need to be heard and discussed.

As he steps into the fresh Aries fire, Chiron lights up subtle and not-so-subtle energy fields with brand-newness. Chiron stands next to this Full Moon, challenging us to follow the Star Trek motto, "to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no [hu]man has gone before!"

Who's in charge?
Saturn, the lordly ringed planet, just turned forward early this month, after 5 months of backward motion, stripping down to simple in order to consolidate sustainable gains. The dynamism of reality-check Saturn with maverick Chiron challenges any pre-formulated plans, confronting us with situations and circumstances that may "blow our minds." Are you open to invention? Trail blazers, please step up.

Saturn leaves no doubt that reality is reshaping, recalibrating. 

Musical suggestions: anything by… Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention...? Why did that occur to me? I was not a fan, so I looked on Youtube and this is the first thing that came up, "Oh, in the Sky!" An astrologer has to go with that!.... Okay, that was different!

More and more we are experiencing the implications of science's discovery of the quantum field. These have been rippling through the collective consciousness for some time now. Here is a timely article shared by the Resonance Science Foundation, leaders in advancing research and education of unified field physics and all sciences to empower people with understanding of their implications in our personal lives and in the world.

Mercury is closely communing with the Sun, like an advisor whispering in the ear. It behooves each of us to listen to "new" news. Ceres is here as well, speaking for the Earth. On the last New Moon newsletter, I wrote about the Ceres-Chiron opposition that comes to fruition at under this Full Moon:

"Ceres, Goddess of Grain and the land's fertility, conveys energy through the subterranean layers of Earth. This dwarf planet just entered Libra and is opposite Chiron, alerting us to the critical agenda of Earth's healing." 

The Sun and Mercury now aligned with Ceres, puts the message out clearly.

"Ceres in Libra calls for debate, negotiation and mediation in the interest of both parties. She is an advocate for those who are underserved, or on the short stick of justice. Things may be way out of balance. A fresh approach may be required and a level of integrity on both sides. Ceres stands for the wellbeing of all. She is asking many pointed questions. Where do we find true justice for all? How do apply the Rule of Law in such chaotic times? Who is right and who is wrong, innocent or guilty? How do we listen and talk to each other? What choices are you making and why?"

We can consult Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom, who places her Feather of Truth on one side of the Libran Scales, balancing it with our hearts and souls, each one. Never more than now have we needed this Feather of Truth places on the Scales of Justice.  Chiron presence tips those scales according to some quantum measure, or may skew it because of some unhealed, unremembered or undiscussed Universal Truths and Divine Harmony.

Uranus in Taurus Square Dance
Unconventional Uranus anchors the second planetary pattern activated under this Full Moon, one that has been leading us a crazy dance since Uranus stepped into Taurus in May. The Awakener, higher consciousness has been intensely applied to social dynamics in the name of higher consciousness by the radical planet of Revolution, that literally turns on its side. 

Uranus has been dancing a change-your-partner square dance with Mars, Venus and this year's eclipses for 6 months. More recenty, Black Moon Lilith has joined the dance. Karmic issues, unhealed history and suppressed anger have flared up to be addressed. Mars/South Node in Aquarius have been asking us to step back for a broad perspective outside of our subjective issues. Some of us experience cognitive disconnect, some of us look for answers beyond the social polarization. We do need to come back to a personal, heart-connected space and take it from there, fostering love rather than hate, fear, anger.

Black Moon Lilith joins bright red Mars on the Aquarian South Node, heightening the electricity in the air and opening uncharted mental space. It is especially important to keep an open mind about what is going on. Judgment limits our perception and is likely to evoke pushback effects. No fooling around with Lilith. Much of what we can call the global "reality show" was triggered by the total solar eclipse last August. If we can manage to take a deep breath, step back, watch and consider what is going on (personally and globally) without emotional reactivity, we can gain a different perspective and let the fresh winds blow through without too much storm damage. Hurricane season is upon us. These times are world changing on so many levels.

Chiron indicates that "something has got to give," and so it will, with some subtle or, more likely dramatic, tipping of the Scales. Some effects will fly under the radar, as Lilith smiles. She sees it coming. Let her blow your mind open and open your heart to the spacious, cosmic, photonic, waves shimmering into our whole solar system. The more synchronicities and serendipities the better!

If we suspend judgment along with initial reactions based on outworn, defensive, or dysfunctional expectations, we may be pleasantly surprised in ways that ultimately delight us. Well, "pleasant" might not quite be the right word. We are truly seeking something deeper, richer, even darker, like relief from the depths of letting go, disentangling.... It takes time. Gratefully we have the Venus retrograde in Scorpio coming up. It starts backward October 5, but we are already in its circle of influence..

Do you have any inklings or fresh ideas cooking? Any feelings you need to recycle and alchemize into more empowering feelings? Take them into the upcoming Venus retrograde that starts early next month. See how they survive or transform in Scorpio, as rich spices are stirred up from the bottom of the Goddess's cauldron.  


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