Medusa New Moon


May 15, 2018, 7:48am EDT, 4:48am PDT, 12:48pm BST, 
9:48pm AEST
Medusa, clay sculpture by author, 1998.

Uranus moves into Taurus on this May 15 New Moon—a naturally cosmic moment to begin a new phase of collective experience, one with global implications and personal impact for each of us. This whole Moon cycle is colored by this sign shift of Uranus, the Awakener. 

Are you feeling the Earth quake under your feet? Taurus is about using resources to their utmost, asking, "How can you best use your time, energy and money? What will be most productive, give the most satisfying results, not only in the short term, but more importantly the long run?"

Taurus is an earth sign. This shift is very much about Earth herself. “Earth (Taurus) quake (Uranus)” is a pithy keyword description for this, with evidently increasing manifestations. Earth is going through energetic and physical changes from incoming galactic frequencies conducted by solar waves. Check out space weather sites for more on this. Our planet is like an organ in the larger body of the solar system, reflecting our biology. Earth has its function, as do all the other planets, including newly discovered planetoids in our expanding solar system. This is beyond what we call climate change. 

[There is so much more to say about it, that I want to do just that say more. I will soon be inaugurating a new audio format. This will allow me to share a fuller stream of information than my fingers can type out in the same amount of time. Stay tuned.] (Read More)

Seriously Ceres Full Moon


FULL MOON at 9 Taurus-SCORPIO 39
April 29, 2018, 8:58pm EDT, 5:58pm PDT
April 30, 1:58am BST, 10:58am AEST
Image: Photo by author. This is the second statue of Ceres, State Goddess of Vermont, who has stood atop the golden dome of the State House since 1938. I was taken up through the barnlike dome out to the cupola on top, where I could touch the hem of her robe, a mythically thrilling experience. 

The Full Moon in Scorpio reflects the Sun in Taurus, evoking the zodiacal polarity of subatomic dance moves with power to transform the material world from the inside out. The joint rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, still joined up in the basic structures of Capricorn, are breaking up some painful arthritic joints in the global skeletal power system. Korea! Black Moon Lilith stands with them, wielding authoritative earth magic.

The Full Moon soon moves to meet with the King of the Gods, Jupiter in Scorpio, for a gigantic volcanic eruption in the collective consciousness. We are poised on a Full Moon precipice, with Chiron now in Aries and Uranus about to go into Taurus— right on the next New Moon! Woohoo! Wild times in the celestial realms. There will a lot to say next time. I'll probably need to record extra audio interpretation. 

There's a buzz everywhere on multiple levels, as Dragons fly through the celestial spheres. The Nodes of the Moon, also known as the Dragon's Head and Tail, closely square the Sun and Full Moon, giving it four-square manifestational impact. "Something's happening here," what it is just ain't exactly clear—yet. (Read More Here)

Photonic Waterfall New Moon


NEW MOON at 26 Aries 02
April 15, 9:57pm EDT, 6:57pm PDT,
April 16, 2:57am BST, 11:57am AEST
Image: "Glee," mixed media, by Carolyn Caldwell. See more of her fresh work at: She shared this quote, so relevant to this New Moon cycle, in her recent email newsletter:

Forget the cringing selves you sometimes are
and remember, instead,
the magic essence of your own being
that sings even now through your fingertips.
That is the reality which you are seeking.
Experience it fully.  

SUCH a momentous New Moon!

Fireworks and breakthrough developments on the threshold of major global change. Consciousness-changing planets are about to change signs, thereby changing our planetary consciousness! Incoming photonic waves sweeping subliminal light through our solar system via solar winds. New dimensions of experience are waking us up, both in sudden gusts (like now) and slowly but surely. 

Uranus! Mercury turns forward while Saturn turns backward. 
Chiron enters Aries! 
Prepare for Uranus entering Taurus!! (May 15)

This Uranus-charged, electric kool-aid New Moon in late Aries is ready-set-to go on the heels of Mercury's forward turn in early Aries. 

Any forward, focused momentum of the productive Saturn-Mars conjunction in Capricorn might have been diverted to other responsibilities. (Read More)

Full Blue Moon • Mercury Equinox Extension

moon-rabbitMKHweb copy.jpg

FULL (BLUE!) MOON at 10 Aries-LIRBRA 45
May 31: 8:37am EDT, 5:37am PDT, 12:37pm GMT, 9:37pm AEDT 

Yes, Mercury is retrograde! Let's make a joyful noise and be glad for a bit or respite. Let's take a look back at this phenomenon and its current story.

We passed the Equinox turning point into Aries, bringing in a fresh new season, no matter which hemisphere you are in. 

Is everyone on the same page? No, not yet.

Mercury goes retrograde (tomorrow). Had to give y'all a quick heads up!

Use this time well to reach out for possibilities that delight you. Mercury is close to Venus, stopping just after their meet up with Venus. "Nice to see you," kiss kiss, "I love you. I'll catch up with you again in the fall, Glorious Goddess, to tell you some secrets." With a Namaste and a wave, he turns around to head back to the beginning of Aries. "I need to keep the Equinox door open for Chiron and welcome him into Aries. Just a few weeks to go!" 

Mercury stops at 16-17 Aries (a good number to use for the lottery this week):

Two Prim Spinsters are sitting together in silence.

What does this evoke for you? (Read More.)

New Moon in Pisces • Shapes of Water


New Moon at 26 Pisces 53
March 17, 2018, 9:11am EDT, 6:11am PDT, 1:22pm GMT,
10:11pm AEDT
Water Nymph Chariklo shapeshifted from a mermaid to a centaur to become Chiron's Wife, web collage by Dana Hunt.
Chiron conjuncts this New Moon, opening up a month unlike any other in recent memory. I don't yet know what this means. Do you have any inkling? If so, just put it aside for now.

Whatever you think or imagine, let go into the 'Be Here Now' as the best strategy to align body-mind-spirit. Chiron tends to evoke what needs to be healed to smooth the serendipity between heaven and earth.

Mythically Chiron is the man-horse who ultimately surrenders his bodily form to transmute a life of eternal pain from an unintended wound. With Jupiter's permission and support from his mate, Chariklo, he takes on his star shape, the constellation of The Centaur in the southern sky. With a natural ability for shapeshifting, Chariklo herself was a river mermaid who transformed into a centaur to be with Chiron. In my version, What Best Serves Love: Chariklo's Story, when he transcends she then shapeshifts back into a mermaid and swims out into the larger sea.
Chariklo is at 18-19 Capricorn now, closing in on Pluto, and already reshaping our reality. She will be involved the intense Saturn-Pluto-Mercury conjunction on the Full Moon eclipse of January 11, 2020 (a partial eclipse, thankfully—we can only handle so much!). This celestial choreography has astrologers buzzing. A special group on call for that maneuver is the mini-generation born from 188-1994, especially 1989-91. If you are in that group, you might want to take advantage of my Capricorn Kids Special reading. Contact me if you are interested.

With this Chironic Pisces New Moon looming, it is not a surprise that The Shape of Water won the Best Movie Oscar a couple of weeks ago.

It is a strange and original film in many ways, evocative and mythical, an unusual love story and a thriller, with impressionistic visuals of bluegreen moving waters. In this film, the water god being is clearly a Chironic character who can heal himself when hurt. At the end he revives and transforms his lover into a river mermaid. Off they swim together. If you haven't seen the movie and think this is a spoiler, it does not dim the magic.
Something about this fluid shifting of shapes is available to us on this Chironic New Moon. What needs to be healed in your life? Can you draw upon your natural ability for reshaping ...(continue here).

Alternative Realities • Full Moon 7:51pm EST

Wahlrab.Merge 16x16.jpeg

Full Moon at 11 VIRGO-Pisces 23
March 1, 2018, 7:51pm EST, 4:51PM PST
March 2, 12:51am GMT, 11:51am AEDT
Image: "Merge," by Susan Wahlrab, varnished watercolor on archival clayboard. See more of her extraordinary, original works at If you are in Vermont or Maine, her new work opens at the West Branch Gallery in Stowe, Vermont on March 24 and in The Choice Show at Maine Art Kennebunk on June 9 and Maine Art Shows, July 21.

This Full Moon in earth sign Virgo is a form of prayer to us from Earth, Mother Nature, to realign ourselves with spiritual, galactic frequencies that are showering down through interstellar space.

Humanity serves by quietly and consciously connecting Heaven and Earth. We each have our gift to give.

The Full Moon in Virgo is reflecting the Sun and a host of planets across the sky in Pisces. Neptune rules in the Piscean seas, close to the Sun on this Full Moon. He wields his trident, stirring up choppy waters, raising foggy mist and veiled illusions, as well as inspiring whispers from angelic realms that invite us to new levels of perception more from heart than head. We can't believe all that we hear of the spoken word. Everyone has an agenda, conscious or not. What is yours? What does your seeking heart and soul yearn for?

For some, this Full Moon may come in the guise of bodily symptoms of discomfort or anxiety, prompting shifts in diet, schedule or work as we seek shelter and peace amidst stormy waters. Do you need a nap or daytime rest for a peaceful moment of communion with your spirit? Our bodies are the first port of call for our vulnerable sensitivities when we are not quite sure of our hold on reality, lately so fluid, flexible and flummoxing. 

Therein lies the key question: what is reality?

(Read More) 

Inside Out Eclipse • New Moon 2-15-18

DragonParis copy.jpg

New Moon at 27 Aquarius 08
February 15, 2018, 4:05pm EST, 1:05pm PST, 9:05pm GMT,
February 16, 8:05am AEDT
Image: Dragon made from recycled tin cans, at Jardin des Plantes, a park in Paris. Photo by author, 2005.

"...dive into your increasing depths where life calmly gives out its own secret"  —R.M.Rilke

This New Moon is a partial solar eclipse. The Eclipse Dragon only bites off about half the Sun, clearly not as dramatic as last summer's, and likely more relaxing. Still, it is a Dragon! This one is visible in southern South America and Antarctica (what is going on there?). 

Eclipses are indicated by the Nodes of the Moon, also called the Dragon's Head and Tail. Soulful poet Rilke suggested, "Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that want our love."

Even such a partial eclipse shifts the narrative as we head into another lunar month, with a shift in the regular rhythm. This is a Dragon Tail eclipse, aligning with the South Node of the Moon, evoking history, clearing the decks, making way for new insights that lead you forward. This is a continuing change in the social dynamic, personally and globally. Surely there is a lot going on! Don't fall into fear-mongering. Keep your heart strong and courageous. Our energetic, heart-connected "vote" impacts the collective consciousness. On the whole, this is likely to be a much more relaxing eclipse, where we express much that we have integrated and release to make room. Breathe and make space around you in the many ways that you can.

This New Moon in late Aquarius is the inside-out, opposite one from the one big one in late Leo last August. Read More...

Super Blue Eclipse

PeggyL.Full Red Moon rising.9-6-17.jpeg

Full Moon at 11 LEO-Aquarius 37
January 31, 2018, 8:27am EST, 5:27am PST, 1:27pm GMT
February 1, 12:27am AEDT (not Blue in Sydney, Australia)

(Image: Full Red Moon Rising, photo by Cosmic Inspiration reader Peggy Lenahan.)

It was pretty special to have a Super Full Moon to begin 2018, auguring an "interesting" year. Now this Full Moon ups the ante by being not only Super, but Blue and a Total Eclipse as well. Well! Well done, Moon. High fiving you, Kosmos. 

A Super Moon is closer to Earth than usual. A Blue Moon is a second Full Moon in one month. A Total Eclipse is indicated by a close conjunction with the Nodes of the Moon, points where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun. This is a veritable convergence of especially special. Let it be so. 

Science magazine says such a phenomenon hasn't happened since 1866, calling it a "super blue blood moon eclipse," since an eclipsed moons has a ruddy, "bloody" appearance. People in western North America, Asia, Australia, and most of the eastern hemisphere will see this eclipse. If you can see it, will your blood turn blue? A Blueblood is often defined as "a person of noble birth." This is relevant to the Leo archetype, with its royal solar flair/flare

I imagine the ruddy and blue Moon to turn some shade of purple, calling for magic. In esoteric tradition, the amethyst Violet Ray is the source of invocation and ceremonial magic, the fusion of spirit and matter, and the transfiguration effect of angelic love and compassion. The energy of this ray moves through channels in our bodies to dispel shadows and heal. Take a large full breath and see how that feels. Do you become more aware of the rhythm of your heart?  On this Full Moon, the large breath...(read more):

New Year Super Full Moon


Full Moon at 11 Capricorn-CANCER 38
January 1, 2018, 9:24pm EST, 6:24pm PST
January 2, 2018, 2:24am GMT, 1:24pm AEDT

Image (below): "Memory," oil painting by Agnes Pelton, 1937, photographed by author at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Cancer is a sign of deep memory and impressions. Doesn't this image also evoke a new year's celebratory flute of champagne? 

A Super Full Moon begins a New Year! What an encouraging augur! A super Full Moon looks larger, since it is closer to Earth. Can you FEEL its tidal pull? And we'll get another Super Full—and Blue—Moon at the end of this month. What a way to start a year! (Consider the painting...and read below.)


The Moon is especially strong in its own sign, Cancer. We may feel we want to stay close to home and hearth, to our near ones and dear ones on this Moon of moons. It is not often we have a New (Super!) Moon to open a new year. Its energy will define and carry throughout the year, highlighting this year as special, outstanding and memorable in larger global and smaller personal ways. Moon in Cancer is a strong evocation of the Mother Goddess who wraps her arms around us all. Taking a cue from Capricorn, she supports our growth, kindly urging us to mature, to stretch into our full capacity, to take responsibility and take charge of our lives as fully as we are able. Helping each other along the way, we strengthen family, community, nation and the global family.

Cancer often has a particularly deep memory, hence the graphic above. Read More...

Heart of Space New Moon


New Moon at 26 Sagittarius 31
December 17, 10:30pm PST
December 18, 1:30am EST, 6:30am GMT, 5:30pm AEDT
Image: Unicorn Pegasus heads toward Earth with Venus' blessing. (Web collage by Dana Hunt.)

This New Moon sets our intuitive Sag-sights from a deep impulse, as it amplifies Mercury's retrograde dive deep into the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy at 26 Sagittarius. Set your sights into the New Year and out two and a half years, which is Saturn's time frame in Capricorn. Stepping in time with the Solstice Sun, Saturn claims this New Year as his domain. We have about 30 months to fulfill a significant accomplishment. Name yours, draft a game Plan A, and keep a Plan B and Plan C on hand.

Saturn leads the way across the Unicorn cusp that joins the imagery of the one-pointed arrow of Sagittarius and the mythic Sea-Goat of Capricorn. The Moon, Saturn, Sun, then Venus follow.  Mercury, the Trickster, has circled and welcomed Venus into Sagittarius to light up this New Moon with her holiday cheer and join Saturn for a spectacular Solstice celebration. Consider this Saturn Solstice as the true New Year. 

Mercury completes the celestial caravanserai, turning forward on December 23, then crossing the Unicorn cusp on 1/11 with final New Year greetings and pulling another resolution or two out of a back pocket. 

This has been a very deep Mercury retrograde process...(Read More)

Elevensea Full Moon (Dec. 3, 2017)

Full Moon at 11 GEMINI-Sagittarius 40
December 3, 2017 at 10:47am EST, 7:47am PST, 15:47 GMT, 
December 4, 2:47am AEDT

Image: "Birth of a Star" by Colorado artist Karina Silver. 
See more of her evocative work at and on FB: Karina Silver Fine Art.

This Full Moon in Gemini features a couple of number games, plus Mercury retrograde at the Unicorn degree. Let's follow some storylines; Sagittarius loves spinning a good yarn and singing a hearty song.

The Moon and Sun face off at 11 degrees of their opposing signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Jupiter is at 11 Scorpio in full waterfall flow with Neptune at 11 Pisces. Neptune stands up squarely to the Full Moon, overflowing with significance and threat of storms. Its subtleties and nuances shimmer somewhere between dream and reality, often in Fantasy Land or Never Never Land, running amuck in chaotic Nightmares, and even dissolving "Into the Mystic." Ah, that gives us a Van Morrison song for this Full Moon.  

"We were born before the wind
Also younger than the Sun
Ere the bonny boat was won
as we sailed into the mystic.
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic..."

You might want to stay on board for a MoonDance. Read More.

Dare and Deep ReNEW Moon (11/18)


6:42am EST, 3:42am PST, 11:42am GMT, 10:42pm AEDT

Wind-blown, rooted in stone,
I slip in and out of death.
The lure of the unknown,
Like a candle in a cave,
Sparks the quest to the chamber of fire.
I hold to the growing light.
 —By Kelley Hunter (as is the artwork above)

This Scorpio New Moon, perhaps the deepest and darkest dark Moon of the year, lures us into our inner depths. In the northern hemisphere, we truly are in the darker season, more dark than daylight. I wonder with the growing spring light, how this dark and deep sign is experienced in the southern hemisphere. [I'd love to hear from some folks down under.]

With Venus and Jupiter are still close together in Scorpio, barely visible in the predawn sky. The love-wisdom pairing of these two brightest planetary lights invites us even deeper, even as we lose sight of Venus. Read More ESSENTIALS. (Please do: it's amazing...and perfectly insightful.)

New Moon at 26 Libra 35


Image: HAUMEA, Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, is a dwarf planet with an orbit about 35 years longer than Pluto. Both planets having elliptical orbits, Haumea periodically comes closer to us than Pluto. See more below. (Photo by the Instituto de Astroffsica de Andalucia, Spain, with partially colored Haumea page from this author's Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book.)

 A welcome Sabian Symbol for this 27 Libra New Moon: "A Spot of Light in Clear Skies, an Aeroplane Sails Calmly"
 "Dwelling above the normal stress of existence," is Dane Rudhyar's interpretation. "Superior mental vision. Calm, objective observation; quiet inner strength." Don't we need that these days?!  Whatever it takes to create some space of calm in your life is, perhaps, the leading edge of consciousness to maintain integrity. The chaos on the outside is driving us inward, even more so now that Jupiter is in Scorpio, the sign of inner depths, the first in a series of significant planetary sign changes coming our way. Before we plunge into those waters, however, Uranus claims our immediate attention.

This most dynamic New Moon is charged to high octaves by Uranus, the Awakener. Can you feel the snapping and zapping of high-charged electricity into our planetary system, including our personal mental/emotional/physical vehicles? This is a high dose of rapid clearing winds and sudden switches, much like the unprecedented storms that have changed landscapes and lives in the blink of an eye. Read More.



FULL MOON at 12 ARIES-Libra 43
October 5, 2:40pm EDT, 11:40am PDT, 7:40pm BST,
October 6, 10:43am AEDT

Image: The cover of Chalice Well in Glastonbury shows the sacred geometry symbol of the vesica piscis. See how each of the two circles passes through the centerpoint of the other, creating the shared space called the mandorla. This is a beautiful image of balanced relationship. (Photo by me.)

October Summary
A rare and special meeting of the classic lovers Venus and Mars make this month special. In the sign of Virgo, it's not a flashy affair, but sensual and naturally in synch.  Look for these two planets together in the morning sky, closest on the 5th, with a Full Moon later that night. The beauty of a lovely evening shines bright. Big Planet Jupiter deep dives from Libra into Scorpio on the 10th, for its once a year sign change. A New Moon on the 19th changes the dialogue and some partnerships. New liaisons or a fresh approach to negotiations further the agenda. 
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (Read more)