You have challenged yourself to walk in your full brilliance and light of your spiritual essence while still housed in the physical. This is revolutionary. You are pioneers, those of you who have come here to do this. Those of you who arranged your schedules across millennia so that you could slip into this exact point of light in space and time to bring YOUR unique flavor of light HERE. NOW. 

This is the adventure of a lifetime! And you are living itevery moment of every day. We remind you so you do not lose sight of the exhilaration and magic of this grand expedition you are on, lest you get mired in the heaviness and smallness of the energy of your current environment. 

Allow us to frame this in an energetic perspective.

Imagine you are used to living in the bright, expansive outdoors and have opted to go on a magnificent journey down into a very deep, dark, tight cavern. This is a metaphor for what you are traversing vibrationally. Your normal state is expansive, light, free and ever-blossoming. The environment in which you have challenged yourself to operate in - and forget temporarily the essence of who you are - is comparatively constricted, dark, and in many ways, limiting. 

You have come to insert yourself as light into this environment in order to transform it, raise the vibration and bring it quite literally to light. You came here very simply to bring light - your light

So now that we have framed why you are here, can you now more easily put more of your behaviors in perspective?

They are all simply symptoms of the smallness you have adopted while here. They are not You. You are light. However, you must traverse these challenges, for they are very real in your physical world. You are in a different environment so the big you must make appropriate adjustments for the small you to operate effectively in it. Similarly, if you are going to dive deep under the ocean, you put on a wetsuit and source of oxygen, all the gear you need, you duly prepare yourself. You outfit yourself as best you can for the journey. It is the same.

Just as you are changing the outer world by bringing in your larger self, your light, so this concept works on a micro level for making the needed shifts in your internal world and your physical body to house your expanded self. Allow your expanded self to guide you.

It is as if you are trying to bring the brightness and power of a huge sun into a small seed.

FIRST, the casing must break to allow the seedling to grow, then branches and leaves form and extend, after which buds form, and eventually the casings of each bud must break to allow the flowers to bloom, all the while the plant growing deeper roots and stronger branches to hold more leaves to take in more nourishment and more light to bloom again, giving your light back out in joyful expression. 

A plant cannot not fully bloom until it has established healthy roots, a supportive network of branches and stems, and the ability to receive light and divine information in the form of leaves. Imagine yourself in the same way.

The bloom is the result of wholeness - the child of your soul if you will. The bloom says, “I am full, and I cannot help but burst forth with joy and love.”

You are at a time when your essence is desiring a leap of great blossoming in order to house more of your Self in your physical body. In order to do this, your physical vehicle needs energetic upgrades to carry more light frequency. You came in largely wired for a much lower frequency, and this was necessary in order to enter into and function in the physical plane.

You have been gradually upgrading your energetic system in incrementally larger jumps, and the jumps have now become big leaps and your physical being is feeling the effects of the stretch. It is only natural. You may feel particularly tired or emotional, in need of certain foods, soothing baths, naps, et cetera. These are all your internal wisdom of your body expressing what it needs to assimilate the new energy. 

Sometimes the energy and accompanying changes can feel too much and for a time you feel you need to shut down or revert back to a familiar (smaller) place of comfort. It is fine to honor this call to revert for a time - you give your system a pause to catch its breath and get its bearings. This is very understandable, but it can also be difficult and diminishing to you if left unchecked. This can play out as escaping, addictive tendencies, avoidance and excessive distraction, procrastination, lethargy, or resistance, to name a few. However we feel if you can put it in perspective you will be better equipped to navigate when this type of feeling comes. The key is not to make a habit of it nor be destructive with yourself. You want to support your expansion after all, not bury it. 

Holding awareness of your innate wisdom, you can gently guide your body through adjustment and when ready, encourage whatever uplifting behavior will be most supportive, be it bodywork, physical movement, taking in higher-vibrational foods, a shift in thinking, uplifting companionship or simply joyful laughter, whatever feels true for you; trust your higher wisdom.

One easy way to shift your energy should you be feeling stuck or low is to sit or stand and make a straight, relaxed spine. Breathe deeply and make small, micro adjustments until you can feel energy flowing as clear as possible through the central corridor of your body. Connect with mother Earth/Gaia, connect with Source above you. Breathe and circulate both these connections through your body. Slowly raise your arms, palms facing the earth, and imagine drawing up deep, nourishing energy as you raise your arms above your head. Let this energy fill you. Then turn your palms to open to Source above, drawing energy down around and through you as you slowly glide your arms down, filling with golden, crystalline energy. Consciously say to yourself, “with each new breath I raise my vibration. I am filled with light and love, I am fully nourished and supported”. Do this for as long as you like, until you feel lighter and more aligned. Make an intention to hold this new vibration within you.

We are deeply honored to be here with you on this stage of your journey. We are here to help you and support you through this time. We are your friends through space and time. This is a beautiful crossroads, beloveds. We are here and we celebrate your path forward.

We are with you in light and love,

Council of Wisdom

Veronica Wirth is an intuitive writer and creative. She is also founder of The Athena Matrix

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