Master astrologer Dane Rudhyar interprets this image: "Poised and dispassionate outlook, involving either great dignity and integrity of self, or inability to live life fully." 

Mercury in Aries wants full fire and impulse behind what is doing. His communion with Venus must have brought up some qualitative questions.  Venus is not a prim spinster. She is moving on. 
Mercury wants to hang out with those crones for a bit, take a break from the worldly fray. What other possibilities could there be? What else can happen here? How long will those two spinsters sit in silence? They are not young chicks at the "girls just wanna have fun" stage. Their fire is internalized and expressed with no fanfare from a deep inner space, reaching into wells of wisdom, listening to the still inner voice.

The Bearded Sage aspect of Mercury appreciates this. This contemplative space reconnects all the way back to 5 Aries, to bring forth

A White Triangle, with Golden Wings on its Upper Sides. 

Inspiration. Enter Chiron into Aries, across the Equinox gateway. 

Sun is marching onward across the sigh. Venus has gone into Taurus, where she loves to hang out and enjoy the good things in life. Mercury is going back to keep the Aries door open for Chiron. Mercury is 

Saturn and Mars meet up, squaring the Full Moon. This may sound  bit edgy, but both of these planets are great in Capricorn.  Saturn rules and Mars is exalted—both are fully capable here. This is considered action, not impulse.