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They have a robust website: if you don’t know it, check it: “Right on August 1st, the Leo New Moon invites you to take love seriously, because self-confident and demanding Venus is close to the Sun and Moon. The square to Uranus in Taurus promises some unexpected turns. At the same time Mercury begins to move direct, and things start to flow again. The following days offer positive development opportunities. Sun and Venus form a trine with Jupiter, shortly before it turns direct on August 11th. The highlight of this phase of optimism could be the Full Moon of August 15th, when the Sun and Venus are in intimate embrace opposite the unbiased and open-minded Aquarius Moon.

If the merry get-together in Leo resulted in too much self-love, we can actively counteract this in the second half of the month. As of August 18th, Mars, Venus and the Sun enter the sign of the realistic Virgo and call on us to make ourselves useful. Mercury will follow at the end of the month. At the New Moon on August 30th, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars line up to a strong stellium in Virgo. They form a trine to Uranus in Taurus, and both Jupiter and Saturn are involved with wide aspects. This quality of time offers real opportunities to fundamentally put some things in order. The results of current actions will have a lasting effect on the future.”

March Astrology Update

With a hat’s off to Chris Brennen, Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees). Please check their YouTube Channel for tons of stuff…or support them on Patreon. All in quotes is from them…

THEME in MARCH (March in the High-Drama Year of 2019)
Chaos: Swimming through the Puddle of Chaos.
Overall Lack of clarity and energy. 


Some “detriment” keeps us heavy… but...
Venus moves into Pisces at the end of the month as a sort of “magic sweep” and “clean up crew."

MONTHLY INGRESSESUranus into Taurus, Mercury in Pisces …and goes Retrograde. ("Hot Mess” says Kelley Surtees)Neptune in Pisces where Mercury will meet him three times this month.

SUGGESTEDRework how your Pisces part of your life works with your Sagittarius.With Mercury going Retrograde, our view of reality changes (which is good for re-thinking or re-framing). Need to keep reminding ourselves that the quality of Jupiter in Sag is very helpful to all of this. 

OVERALLNeptune transits and create “the Neptune Fog”— lower energy, more drinking or eating. Eyes are closed, but we move forward regardless. Rely on your senses instead of your rational brain. As this is a more primal time. (Vision and consider how sea creatures figure out what’s going on: tap into that sort of energy (sonar? senses?).)

The Planets are about to change the story for the next few years…
Outer planets are chapters for the world story—we are closing them and opening them and closing them. Uranus in taurus is a legitimate new chapter. Later when Venus goes into Pisces and makes an aspect to Uranus in Taurus and a sweep, things will feel more pleasant.Venus will reintroduce all in the most polite fashion as possible. Gentle introduction. A revealing. Be willing to change your interpretation constantly. Yay!

Laugh at stability or stable themes and stories. 
We will float in this murky bowl of luke-warm soup from now until the Equinox—when we get more activity. 
In early early March (with Mars in Taurus in trine with Saturn and Capricorn…and then, Pluto) the energy says: “get this work done.” The  Mars/Sat urn conjunction is about “the grind.” You need to work through this. Mars in Taurus is like “get out the bulldozers and shovels to lay the ground for…” Substantial movement against the resistance."

Something sensible/comprehensive begins to unfold when Mercury and the Sun are conjunct and almost square Jupiter (benefit ruler).  At this time, according to Austin, “You begin to get the plot of the new story (not knowing the whole story, but having the thread). This will be a time of insight with work to be done after (color-in the detail). Tnferior conjunction is “about getting to the bottom of it.” 

On the 31st of March, Mars finally moves into Gemini, making way for displacement and movement. Finally, Uranus really makes it happen as it moves into Taurus: this marks the final outer planet moving into place so that things can unfold (the beginning of the climax) about three months from now. "Sit back, relax and have a donut or a kale shake:” this is really a history-making journey.

Although there is an almost tangible struggle with energy, the key is to “stick to it.” 

ELECTIONS:March 13 (23 degrees of Pisces at sunrise)
• Jupiter will go retrograde in a month…
• April will be much Zippier. Will feel more “fast forward.”

What's Going On?


Okay, yes: 2019 is different. It’s like a little ride at the carnival: are you on the ferris wheel or the the giant whirly gig? If feels a bit unsettling—and it should. We have so many planets changing from fire and air to water and earth. It’s as if a bird slowed it’s flight and, almost, flew backwards…but it didi not. We have not—we are simply amidst a different experience.


As these planets settle into their new spaces, we’ll adjust. In fact, it’s a luscious time—full of potential. For those of you who are Capricorns, enjoy Venus’s visit. She’s not at home in your sign, but the sign can only benefit from her journey here: think from the heart. Embrace compassion. Be open to softening.

Mars takes on a Taurian flavor. This may ground big energy in a solid, earth-centered sort of way. (That might sound vague, but try to apply it to your own experiences.) It also might have an overall effect of increased environmental awareness.

And this Full Moon: the sifting and sorting. Such and important time. Be choosy. Get clear.

With love, Serena

Saturday's Crafting

From Witch Bree’s wonderful deck.

From Witch Bree’s wonderful deck.

• The Moon is in Taurus until 12:39 PM, after which the Moon is in Gemini.
• The Moon is void until 12:39 PM
• The Moon is waxing and in its First Quarter phase.
• The First Quarter Moon occurred on the 24th and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will occur on January 31st in the sign of Leo.
• Mars enters Sagittarius today (Mars transits Sagittarius January 26th to March 17th).

This is all from The Astrology Cafe—which I adore and refer to often. And what does this mean? If you are crafting intentions, wait until after 12:39pm. At that time, channel your Gemini energy: consider making a Sigil in it’s honor (calling upon the BEST of Gemini qualities). In this waxing moon, consider that is is an outpouring—a cleansing time vs. a manifesting moon. Of course, you can always manifest! But timing may contribute toward the better outcome.

“With a Sagittarius Mars, our actions are motivated by our ideals. We are bothered by routine, quickly becoming restless if we feel confined. We have a love of adventure, and of conquest–this is the position of wanderlust. We start projects or challenges with gusto, although we may tend to abandon them rather quickly. This may be because we set our sights too high!”

Stay grounded. Consider before you act. Embrace your intention—or let it "fly:” literally.

Lunar Eclipse • Blood Moon • Full Moon

Wow. Right?

So, what does it all mean. Well, for one, the moon is super close to the earth…so you may be feeling that. Two, we shift from Cancer to Leo—and you just might be feeling THAT. Three, this eclipse is a major wrap to those things begun 6-9 months ago, so you might want to ponder that.

Our solar eclipse sparked an essence that spoke to the nature of 2019. This year will be one of highs and lows, waves and shifts, successes and challenges. The trick is to keep riding the waves in Jupiter faith. Jupiter is our most positive planet and he’s hanging in his home of Sag for the entire year. This is one real gem in our pocket: so keep it in mind when the road gets shifty and strange.

If you have specific questions about how this month may or may not affect you, please feel free to reach out: at quick look at your chart will reveal some hints and possibilities. Call 802-793-6006 or use the BOOK a READING button on the home page and choose a 30 minute slot.

January proves to be a good month for many: some of us will rejoice in moments of prosperity…to be sure not to look away when opportunity swirls around.

Cheers and best of greatest luck … and love.

"January is AMAZING for Scorpio Risings"

January will provide two eclipses. An amazing moon cycle to embrace.

January will provide two eclipses. An amazing moon cycle to embrace.

I share some notes amassed from my observation, various podcasts and favorite websites: enjoy fellow Scorpions! (rising and/or sun…)

Be Disciplined, direct and clear in communications.
Begin this new moon with this…and intend to culminate in the 9th house in 6 months.
Focus on what you know…


• Sunday the 6th, Uranus goes direct—with Mars In 6th house of work and daily activity (throw more energy into the work and it will pay off).
• Mars is in Aries. This says…energy! 
• Venus goes into Sag in the second house (very positive). This has something to do with adventure and learning…money, possessions, assets and value…..expressed with exuberance. Positive growth-oriented aspect here. Finances should feel better.
• As the sun moves into Aquarius with lunar Eclipse in Leo in 10th house of career, reputation and overall life direction, positive outcomes may align and manifest.

Culmination is into something bigger and greater…reaping reward for what you’ve initiated “in your career” over the past 12-18 months.

Grand fire trine 21st and 22nd. Big for Scorpio rising people. Positive for finances, work and career. 

29th Mercury Sun conjunct in 4th house may provide clarity in the home/family situation.

“January is Amazing for Scorpio Risings”—Kelly Surtees

Work and Finance •  Productivity • Positivity 

With Mars in Aries in the 6th house….”DO it!’ Commit!!!!!

Apply the things you need to apply. Concentrate energy, but spread it out and balance it well.

Time management is KEY.

(But be carful not to overextend…and create problems).

December: A Meandering

ASTROLOGY in a NUGGET: “A bold and broad synopsis”

• First, we had Mercury Retrograde: I emphasize that this didn’t “prevent” or “mess-up", but rather it may have slowed down or "snafoo-ed-up” some situations. Like card reversals in the Tarot, this might have been a time where SOME things pause or find different paths than expected.

• The Sun and Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for most of this month: this may prove to be a beneficent time

• Overall, Mars is finally out of Aquarius, where it has been for 4-5 months. It moves into Pisces and Aries. Jupiter is in Sagittarius! This is positive, adventurous, and very possibly advantageous. 

Absorb that positivity

Venus goes direct in Libra and moves back into Scorpio—where it will stay for the month. (December 17 is when Venus’s retrograde will be over. This may show up as increased confidence and certain action (morning Venus quality). A beautiful time to cooperate and partner.)

• On December 21st, Jupiter squares Uranus and is conjunct Mercury. "Imagination paves the way for the reality train.”—Caroline Casey.

Have some fun!

• Neptune is in Jupiter’s sign…so we have a friendly and warm essence enwrapping us. 

The Energy of December is meandering….

What can we do to make December it the best it can possibly be?

December 6 Lunation: This may have been an edgy or tense time. There was some heat and dampness…like flames diminished. A bit of up and down…
December 14/15: Watery, slow and mellow.
December 22: Full moon in Cancer: A wonderful time to gather!
December 23: Grand Trine with Venus and Scorpio and Neptune and Pisces suggests a good time for shared time, warmth and love.

The Sobering

On December 31, things will change a bit. The stars say: “Wake up! Get real!” The fuzzy-yummy of the month’s beginning gives way to a “Oh yeah!…That…” Jupiter’s beneficent positivity is strongly influenced by Saturns structure, requirements and standards. This will be a time to recognize and embrace obligations.

(All of the above is pulled together with a nod to Chris, Kelley and Austin—thank you all for your continued brilliance.)

December's Sag Full Moon

As Mercury regains movement at 27 Scorpio, I feel free to speak of those darker aspects that we’d rather not discuss. In this, I call myself the Line Strider—because I balance my expression in all my known or imagined worlds. I embrace this as a bright time to do shadow work…and express my discoveries. As Uranus remains stationed, I am reminded of temperance in this striding time.

In the darkest days, I wander. Usually, I am still, very still—in honor. But not this time. I rode my stallion though the days…like a true Sagittarian in an auspicious stellar time. Usually, the darkest days provide a cleaning stark time, but in New Moon contrast, these just past were filled with unnamed and unknown bounty.

I wear a sense of renewal and faith like a cozy cloak.

This New Moon is bold, courageous, positive, and hard to perceive as “empty.” It feels…FULL in nature.

Chani: “Jupiter in Sagittarius and this new moon want to school us in the subtle art of having faith in our ability to expand no matter who would rather we stayed small. Tremendous in its offerings, this new moon encourages us to become a channel for its gifts. With this new moon, we have the ability to forge ahead with what seemed formerly impossible, inconceivable, or unreachable.”

November's Gemini Full Moon

…am thinking of you all as I bundle up and step out under the moon. big moon. full moon. gemini moon.
prayers, wishes and blessings that this day has held you all warm and sound—grounded, magical and comfortable.
In this gemini moon, I let go of the precise and determined, and welcome the grey area of exploration: the duality that this sign can offer. 
Under this moon, I am grateful for the truth and honestly that surrounded our Venus retrograding through Scorpio and Libra…and beckons us again as it goes direct…traveling through both planets. This time is ours. This time is one of The Lovers and one of Temperance. Also one of Strength and all of the qualities of the Chariot. 
big love wishes to my sisters…and to all.