December: A Meandering

ASTROLOGY in a NUGGET: “A bold and broad synopsis”

• First, we had Mercury Retrograde: I emphasize that this didn’t “prevent” or “mess-up", but rather it may have slowed down or "snafoo-ed-up” some situations. Like card reversals in the Tarot, this might have been a time where SOME things pause or find different paths than expected.

• The Sun and Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for most of this month: this may prove to be a beneficent time

• Overall, Mars is finally out of Aquarius, where it has been for 4-5 months. It moves into Pisces and Aries. Jupiter is in Sagittarius! This is positive, adventurous, and very possibly advantageous. 

Absorb that positivity

Venus goes direct in Libra and moves back into Scorpio—where it will stay for the month. (December 17 is when Venus’s retrograde will be over. This may show up as increased confidence and certain action (morning Venus quality). A beautiful time to cooperate and partner.)

• On December 21st, Jupiter squares Uranus and is conjunct Mercury. "Imagination paves the way for the reality train.”—Caroline Casey.

Have some fun!

• Neptune is in Jupiter’s sign…so we have a friendly and warm essence enwrapping us. 

The Energy of December is meandering….

What can we do to make December it the best it can possibly be?

December 6 Lunation: This may have been an edgy or tense time. There was some heat and dampness…like flames diminished. A bit of up and down…
December 14/15: Watery, slow and mellow.
December 22: Full moon in Cancer: A wonderful time to gather!
December 23: Grand Trine with Venus and Scorpio and Neptune and Pisces suggests a good time for shared time, warmth and love.

The Sobering

On December 31, things will change a bit. The stars say: “Wake up! Get real!” The fuzzy-yummy of the month’s beginning gives way to a “Oh yeah!…That…” Jupiter’s beneficent positivity is strongly influenced by Saturns structure, requirements and standards. This will be a time to recognize and embrace obligations.

(All of the above is pulled together with a nod to Chris, Kelley and Austin—thank you all for your continued brilliance.)