December's Sag Full Moon

As Mercury regains movement at 27 Scorpio, I feel free to speak of those darker aspects that we’d rather not discuss. In this, I call myself the Line Strider—because I balance my expression in all my known or imagined worlds. I embrace this as a bright time to do shadow work…and express my discoveries. As Uranus remains stationed, I am reminded of temperance in this striding time.

In the darkest days, I wander. Usually, I am still, very still—in honor. But not this time. I rode my stallion though the days…like a true Sagittarian in an auspicious stellar time. Usually, the darkest days provide a cleaning stark time, but in New Moon contrast, these just past were filled with unnamed and unknown bounty.

I wear a sense of renewal and faith like a cozy cloak.

This New Moon is bold, courageous, positive, and hard to perceive as “empty.” It feels…FULL in nature.

Chani: “Jupiter in Sagittarius and this new moon want to school us in the subtle art of having faith in our ability to expand no matter who would rather we stayed small. Tremendous in its offerings, this new moon encourages us to become a channel for its gifts. With this new moon, we have the ability to forge ahead with what seemed formerly impossible, inconceivable, or unreachable.”