"January is AMAZING for Scorpio Risings"

January will provide two eclipses. An amazing moon cycle to embrace.

January will provide two eclipses. An amazing moon cycle to embrace.

I share some notes amassed from my observation, various podcasts and favorite websites: enjoy fellow Scorpions! (rising and/or sun…)

Be Disciplined, direct and clear in communications.
Begin this new moon with this…and intend to culminate in the 9th house in 6 months.
Focus on what you know…


• Sunday the 6th, Uranus goes direct—with Mars In 6th house of work and daily activity (throw more energy into the work and it will pay off).
• Mars is in Aries. This says…energy! 
• Venus goes into Sag in the second house (very positive). This has something to do with adventure and learning…money, possessions, assets and value…..expressed with exuberance. Positive growth-oriented aspect here. Finances should feel better.
• As the sun moves into Aquarius with lunar Eclipse in Leo in 10th house of career, reputation and overall life direction, positive outcomes may align and manifest.

Culmination is into something bigger and greater…reaping reward for what you’ve initiated “in your career” over the past 12-18 months.

Grand fire trine 21st and 22nd. Big for Scorpio rising people. Positive for finances, work and career. 

29th Mercury Sun conjunct in 4th house may provide clarity in the home/family situation.

“January is Amazing for Scorpio Risings”—Kelly Surtees

Work and Finance •  Productivity • Positivity 

With Mars in Aries in the 6th house….”DO it!’ Commit!!!!!

Apply the things you need to apply. Concentrate energy, but spread it out and balance it well.

Time management is KEY.

(But be carful not to overextend…and create problems).