What's Going On?


Okay, yes: 2019 is different. It’s like a little ride at the carnival: are you on the ferris wheel or the the giant whirly gig? If feels a bit unsettling—and it should. We have so many planets changing from fire and air to water and earth. It’s as if a bird slowed it’s flight and, almost, flew backwards…but it didi not. We have not—we are simply amidst a different experience.


As these planets settle into their new spaces, we’ll adjust. In fact, it’s a luscious time—full of potential. For those of you who are Capricorns, enjoy Venus’s visit. She’s not at home in your sign, but the sign can only benefit from her journey here: think from the heart. Embrace compassion. Be open to softening.

Mars takes on a Taurian flavor. This may ground big energy in a solid, earth-centered sort of way. (That might sound vague, but try to apply it to your own experiences.) It also might have an overall effect of increased environmental awareness.

And this Full Moon: the sifting and sorting. Such and important time. Be choosy. Get clear.

With love, Serena