March Astrology Update

With a hat’s off to Chris Brennen, Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees). Please check their YouTube Channel for tons of stuff…or support them on Patreon. All in quotes is from them…

THEME in MARCH (March in the High-Drama Year of 2019)
Chaos: Swimming through the Puddle of Chaos.
Overall Lack of clarity and energy. 


Some “detriment” keeps us heavy… but...
Venus moves into Pisces at the end of the month as a sort of “magic sweep” and “clean up crew."

MONTHLY INGRESSESUranus into Taurus, Mercury in Pisces …and goes Retrograde. ("Hot Mess” says Kelley Surtees)Neptune in Pisces where Mercury will meet him three times this month.

SUGGESTEDRework how your Pisces part of your life works with your Sagittarius.With Mercury going Retrograde, our view of reality changes (which is good for re-thinking or re-framing). Need to keep reminding ourselves that the quality of Jupiter in Sag is very helpful to all of this. 

OVERALLNeptune transits and create “the Neptune Fog”— lower energy, more drinking or eating. Eyes are closed, but we move forward regardless. Rely on your senses instead of your rational brain. As this is a more primal time. (Vision and consider how sea creatures figure out what’s going on: tap into that sort of energy (sonar? senses?).)

The Planets are about to change the story for the next few years…
Outer planets are chapters for the world story—we are closing them and opening them and closing them. Uranus in taurus is a legitimate new chapter. Later when Venus goes into Pisces and makes an aspect to Uranus in Taurus and a sweep, things will feel more pleasant.Venus will reintroduce all in the most polite fashion as possible. Gentle introduction. A revealing. Be willing to change your interpretation constantly. Yay!

Laugh at stability or stable themes and stories. 
We will float in this murky bowl of luke-warm soup from now until the Equinox—when we get more activity. 
In early early March (with Mars in Taurus in trine with Saturn and Capricorn…and then, Pluto) the energy says: “get this work done.” The  Mars/Sat urn conjunction is about “the grind.” You need to work through this. Mars in Taurus is like “get out the bulldozers and shovels to lay the ground for…” Substantial movement against the resistance."

Something sensible/comprehensive begins to unfold when Mercury and the Sun are conjunct and almost square Jupiter (benefit ruler).  At this time, according to Austin, “You begin to get the plot of the new story (not knowing the whole story, but having the thread). This will be a time of insight with work to be done after (color-in the detail). Tnferior conjunction is “about getting to the bottom of it.” 

On the 31st of March, Mars finally moves into Gemini, making way for displacement and movement. Finally, Uranus really makes it happen as it moves into Taurus: this marks the final outer planet moving into place so that things can unfold (the beginning of the climax) about three months from now. "Sit back, relax and have a donut or a kale shake:” this is really a history-making journey.

Although there is an almost tangible struggle with energy, the key is to “stick to it.” 

ELECTIONS:March 13 (23 degrees of Pisces at sunrise)
• Jupiter will go retrograde in a month…
• April will be much Zippier. Will feel more “fast forward.”