Maybe there was something to finish up before we could move on. Perhaps we needed a thoughtful pause to consider what we are actually doing and potential outcomes. We may have needed to review strategies that might have worked last year, but are not going to be useful this time around. 

Or, perhaps we were having intimations that something is about to change, looking for something, what is it? what's the missing piece? the new horizon that beckons? Let me look around before I put more time or energy into what I was doing. Newness!! looking for new and fresh and exciting—crisp and clean, lean and meaningful. 

Anyhoo, it's all A-OK, that's what Mercury retrogrades are for. Now over! We're moving forward again. Do you have a new spring in your step? No matter which hemisphere you are in, we are heading into a new Cosmic season. 

This New Moon heralds the entry of Chiron into Aries just two days following. Saturn stops in its tracks, turning backwards also on the 17th, Pluto does the same on the 22nd. This is some serious repositioning to take care of, based on radical new developments! This could be good, even though it may turn our ideas around a bit. How about in alignment with our hearts and souls? Sounds good.

Next month, Uranus moves into Taurus, another big cosmic hunk of difference.

Many are expecting some really Big Cosmic Event. Chiron could be the signal, as this odd alternative, holistic-promoting, reality-shifting  Centaur Object crosses the Zero Point, the first degree of the zodiac. Mercury has been keeping the Aries Equinox door open to welcome Chiron.

Feeling a little wobbly lately? Any surprising rabbits jumping out of hats in your life? Did you catch a glimpse of the March Hare? Such a serendipitous windows of new experience open wide and wider. Chiron quantum shifts into a new sign for the first time in seven year. Are you ready to step onto the Starship Enterprise or into one of the new SpaceX cars? If not now, maybe by next spring, as we finish this transition into some new time-space zone. Earth is experiencing cosmic waves of higher frequency, according to astrophysics. This New Moon on April 15 inaugurates a rather wild transition period, and the following Full Moon on April 29 turns around another steep awareness curve. 

For some it may be a strong dose of reality shift, a kind of personal identity crisis; for others a deeper grounding of a new reality that has been called in. This evokes a collective awareness shift. Chiron, the holistic Healer, seeks to align body-mind-spirit, usually by alternative means that address the soul’s desire to embody spirit. Chiron evokes any

resistance in the field that needs to be addressed before this can happen. For instance, it often indicates physical symptoms that point out where this resistance resides in the body. Never just a physical issue, Chiron widens our awareness to other levels, mental, emotional or spiritual that are out of alignment or blocking the flow.

In Aries, this could be stifled energy, outmoded ideas that inhibit the authenticity of self. Who are you, really? How we witness and experience the world around us starts with our personal point of view, each of us in our experience of self—which could be changing radically in a short time. This is a result of undercurrent transformations already in process, now to resurface in an altered reality.

Chiron was only discovered in 1977. This odd body in the solar system required a new hybrid category, both as planetoid and comet. On some level this reminds us that we are all spiritual beings in physical bodies. In its irregular, 50-year orbit, the last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968/69 to 1975/76. 

Ha! I just looked up Tom Wolfe's book, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, referenced above, to see that it was published in 1968! He reported on the wild journeys of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters who traveled through the United States and altered states in a psychelic-painted school bus.What wild rides and altering states are in store for you and for each of us this time? It starts with the individual first? You stand as You. Who is You? 

If you were born in 1968-69, you are starting into your 50-year Chiron return, well worth it! If you need some clues or reassurance, I'm glad to be of service. See the Astro-Special for you below. 

In Aries flashes of light enter the mental realm. Some then take shape. Aries rules the brain. I imagine many of the new discoveries about the potential of the brain will be further experienced and applied in the holistic healing modalities that Chiron generates. I recently heard that the ground-breaking works of brain research pioneer Karl Pribram may soon be republished. Very timely. 

Recently I happened to watch an interview with JZ Knight, who channels Ramtha.
She spoke of getting a serious illness, and realizing that she needed to find a new neighborhood in her brain where the disease was not present. That concept really struck me. Remembering that scientists have considered that we only use a small percentage, maybe 10% of our brain capacity, this opens a huge field of opportunity via the quantum implications of Chiron now moving into the fresh, pristine fields of Aries. This offers hope and potential help to those diagnosed with brain damage, learning disorders or autistic spectrum, as well as those of us interested in higher consciousness. During these inflows of photon waves, imagine that all sorts of sparkling, glittering frequencies are tickling your brain, nudging new ideas and impulses. This can be really exciting. Even to the level of “Am I seeing what I’m seeing?” Am I thinking what I’m thinking?” Creative light waves emerge from the heart of any and every cell, refreshing and revitalizing.

Seeking more info on photons, I ran into this interesting article by Iona Miller,, in which she explains more about the biophotonic field (biological interaction with light waves) along with the bioelectric, electromagnetic and quantum fields. It is a long article. A good place to start is in to scroll down to the second video or watch it here on youtube,

In spite of any awkward effects on the mundane level, let us welcome this increasing light into our systems: solar system, planetary system, our energy and physical body systems. "DNA," she writes, "creates matter using light and sound," knowledge also passed down in spiritual traditions. I imagine that more of our unused brain cells will turn on, as the flip of a switch lights up a darkened room. We will be able access more strands of our DNA, changing some overwritten codes that are holding us back. Potentials for awareness open, as our light body field interpenetrates the universal field. Are you feeling this? 

By the way, many of the newly planetoids in the far solar system add their bit to this exciting new era. Perhaps you'll want to join next weekend's webinar and see which of the creator god/desses you want to be dancing with! See below. 

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this perspective from Rumi, quoted in that Iona Miller article, so appropriate for this multilevel season of fresh potentials.

"Non-existence is eagerly bubbling in the expectation of being given existence...For the mine and treasure-house of God's making is naught but nonexistence coming into manifestation."  —Rumi



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