Rose Hips as Food and Medicine:

Rose Hips Tea
2 teaspoons dried rose hips
1 cup good, hot spring water

Fill your strainer with the rose hips and place in your cup. Pour over the very hot water (I, personally, don't pour boiling water on my herbs, but prefer VERY HOT...for me, this comes from some personal respect for the medicinal properties of the herbs). Add your honey and allow to steep for two or three minutes. 

Rose Hips Wine
• 3 1/4 pounds ripe rosehips
• 3 pounds sugar
• 1 lemon
• 1 Camden tablet (a handy form of sulfur dioxide for disinfecting and sterilizing)
• 1 teaspoon pectin enzyme
• 1 gallon water
• Wine yeast
• Yeast nutrient

I've not done this yet, but have it on my list for fall of 2018. I am going to substitute honey for sugar if possible (have research to do and friends to discuss with!) 1. Put the washed hips into a vessel and crush well with a mallet or similar implement. 2. Cover with 1 gallon of cold water, stir in the crushed Camden tablet and pectin enzyme and leave to steep for 24 hours. 3. Draw off 2 pints of the liquid, heat just to boiling point and dissolve the sugar in it. 4. Return this syrup when cooled to the rosehip pulp, together with the yeast, nutrient and juice of the lemon. 5. Cover the vessel and leave in a warm place to ferment for 5 days, stirring twice daily. 6. Strain the liquid off the pulp, pressing well to extract all the juice, and transfer to a fermenting jar. Fit bung and air-lock and leave to ferment on, racking when the wine is starting to clear

Rose Hips Oxymel
As rose hips is super high in antioxidants and vitamin C, I'm going to try this experiment of good health:
Dried rose hips
Organic cider vinegar
Local honey
Pack a small ball jar with the dried rose hips. Cover with cider vinegar and add some honey (a healthy dollop). Shake well for a few days and store in a cool, dark place or in the fridge. Shake up and sip when your feeling like you need a healthy boost!