The major transition, in tandem, of both electrically-charged, Uranus, the Awakener, and shamanic healer Chiron into new signs has gotten as far as it's going to go for now. Both are now retrograde, seeking to work the territory so far covered, to further facilitate, consolidate and demonstrate our collective process of healing, awakening and integration. May we be strong and kind in this deep process, that brings up so much we won't want to deal with, but must. This major transition brings unexpected, maybe even unprecedented new developments into our lives. We cross this bridge early next year, February-March 2019. 

Our lives will feel quite different by then.

Lately I have been feeling the sadness of life, its fragility and the swift-paced passage of time. Yet also the glory of life, its beauty, magic and wonder, the special gifts and encounters each day offers if we have a heart open to see and appreciate. 

Our celestial sky gives us something very special to appreciate for the next several weeks. From west to east, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are all visible soon after sunset. Saturn may be the hardest to spot, typically looking a bit yellow. Remember this stargazing tip: faraway stars twinkle, planets have a radiant light. 

Heads Up! Commune with the stars and planets that gift us with their light energy. 


Cosmic Mermaids

This deep dive into mermaid astrology brings a new dimension to the currents of the times. You can locate some of your own mermaid placements. $25 at this link

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Still on! Chiron Return Special—If you are born in 1968-69, you are having your 50-year Chiron return this year into 2019. This heads-up will help you get clarity on what a Chiron return involves, even as you have your unique experience of this quantum shift in your soul's journey. You KNOW you are an angel in a human body, don't you? $125/hour through 2018. Use your Aries. Go for it now! 

New! Jan 1957-March 1958 Special. If you were born in this time frame, you are digging through layers of karmic archaeology. If you need some insight on the rare pattern in your chart, this special is for you. 

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