Angela Andrews
Soul Doula and Energy Healer

Angie Andrews is a soul doula and energy healer. She created her business AngieAndrewsInspire to support women in birthing a joyful, aligned life. She uses her gifts of channeling, reiki and intuitive healing to help shine light on the spaces that are in need of attention and healing. In doing so she is able to help her clients accelerate their own growth and transformation. She can be found at: angieandrewsinspire.com


Serena Fox
Tarot Reader, Spiritual Guide and Healer, Magical Herb Worker
Curious, Spirited, Magic
Creatrix of Beauty and Magic! Tarot reader (combining channeling and astrology), spirited herbalist (for health, wellbeing and magic) and curious magic maker. She is the founder of MagicOma. E-mail: sbean@gmavt.net. 802.496.2326 (studio) 802.793.6006 (shop). You can book a reading here and here (scroll to the bottom near the Card of the Week).


Kelley Hunter, Ph.D.
Kelley is an astrologer and mythologist who weaves perspectives from archetypal psychology, cosmology and consciousness studies. She writes about astrology and cosmic myths, with a special interest in the Divine Feminine and the creative arts. She is also an international speaker. She lives in Vermont, while remaining wholly and spiritually connected to the turquoise waters. Dimensions of her work can be seen here.  kellhunter@earthlink.net or 802.456.1078. Entries on MagicOma here.


Kathy Mitchell
Painter, Jeweler and Women of Earth
Living in Vermont, nestled in the arms of the great Mother, Kathy is  a seeker and lover of all things wild: excessively curious about Nature and the connection to Spirit. She is a creator of beauty in several forms: Paintings on canvas, wood, bones, stones—and also a  jeweler, working in silver, and copper. To share this beauty is to add light to a sometimes dark world. Welcome to the harvest! Kathy's magic is here on MagicOma. Her other creative is at the studio in Vermont.

Hera Morgan
The Word Witch
Hera is a creative visionary weaving magick and healing through her words. She is a writer, Tarot reader, teacher and astrologer. Her passion and souls work lives in the hearts of women. Gathering, teaching and empowering them to come back home to their own divine intelligence. She comes to the Magic Oma Community to share her poetry, prose, and spoken word pieces. She can also be found co-leading Women's retreats, Women's sharing circles and teaching workshops. Contact her via email: HeraMorganWrites@gmail.com follow her on Instagram here and find her work on MagicOma here.


Carmen Reyes
Oma Technical Analyst
Divine Feminine Priestess
Astrologer, Herbalist, Teacher and Taroist
Carmen is a Dianic Priestess
, a spiritual diviner working with the goddess, stars, plants and ancient runes. A dendromancer and author of Tree Readings: 13 Ogham Tree Oracle. You can buy her ogham book here Click here  on Amazon. She works as an herbalist and healer who sparks intuition and inspires women's cultural memory. For Goddess Astrology readings that reveal prominent goddess influence in your natal chart and ritual to embody, contact Carmen at carmen@goddessmoon.net. Visit Carmen's MagicOma offerings here.


Veronica Wirth
The Athena Matrix
Intuitive Writer and Creative
With an adventurer's spirit, a lifetime of world travel, and spiritual seeker's soul, Veronica brings unique vision, understanding of a broad palette of ideas and rich passion to all she creates. She taught yoga for over ten years, holding professional certifications in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. In January of 2000 she began receiving downloads from her wise circle of guides and teachers and is sharing them for the first time here. She is an intuitive brand specialist and digital strategist. Her focus is currently upon her intuitive writing and diverse creative pursuits. The Athena Matrix "downloads" are exclusively here on MagicOma.

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