Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

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I surrender every part of me and give it all to Her.
Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean.
She knows the way, 
where ever that might be.
I float by souls from my past.
Love that once existed can never be lost.
Although they aren’t part of the journey ahead,
I carry them with me.
Gratitude washes over me.
Tears begin to slowly roll down my face.
I’m unable to tell where I end and she begins.
Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean.
I feel my body swaying along to her potent rhythm.
She holds me. 
Weightless, yet supported. 
She whispers to me of our destination.
Futures that don’t yet exist. 
Places that can’t be seen with my eyes but can only be felt with my heart.
Places that require a feeling so deep that only she knows.
Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean.
I surrender to her watery wisdom.
And she cleanses my soul.

Hera Morgan—The Word Witch, 3/19/19



I am standing on the threshold of change.

The energy beckons me forward,

But I linger in this space.

Sometimes, I like the in between.

The place where what was and what has yet to be collide.

It is here I float weightlessly waiting.

Eclipses are like a doorway.

I can go through but never back.

A one way ticket to the infinite.

Fear can pin me down,

But fear can also be my courage.

Pushing me with open arms into the abyss.

Change is the only relentless truth.

And the fear doesn’t ever go away.

So I am persistent in my pursuit.

Eclipse energy is the release when I feel stagnant.

It tells me to dive as I am falling.

It reminds me of  me of who I am,

And the residue of stardust in my bones.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

©Hera Morgan, 2018

©Hera Morgan, 2018

I am a seer. My visions are of far off horizons. The imprint of distant lands are encoded in my DNA, and when I close my eyes, I can feel it drawing me closer. 

Following the pulse of my heart and the rhythm of my soul, I expand outward onto my path. The path of the unknown. 

You see, I am guided, not by maps, but of my inner knowing. I am guided, not by a compass, but of my own remembering. 

I am seeking the truth of my existence & the truth of this reality. Finding pieces of my soul in every corner the globe. I am forever changing. 

It is through exploration that I understand who I am in this world. Travel ignites my passion for knowledge. My soul is awakened through my experiences. 

For every place I arrive is my home. The trees of this ancient land are my brethren. I absorb the wisdom beneath my feet with each step that I take. 

I am overcome with feelings of nostalgia in a place I’ve never been. And that’s when I realize, it’s taken me lifetimes to return here. 

And so, I carry offerings for the earth. It is my token of gratitude for all that I’ve been given. It is my way of saying thank you to the land that has taught me so much. 

My intention is to stay present through it all. I am setting my sights on the ever unfolding of who I am. I am uncovering the parts of me I did not know were there. 

I am becoming someone you have yet to know and perhaps never will. For when the sunrises, I will have changed again.

(Written by: Hera Morgan)

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio.jpg


She travels to the depths, to the parts unseen and unheard.
Parts I’d rather keep locked away,
but parts that need to breathe nonetheless.

She whispers: even the smallest trespass counts
Coaxing the memories out as they flood to my consciousness.
It counts because it happened, even if I don’t remember how.

In a world of “not enough,”
My pain and my trauma is valid,
No matter how big or how small.

Every unwanted lingering stare,
Every hug that pulled me in too close,
Every brush up against my body.

Every grope,
Every grab,
Every encroachment on my being.

Every insult,
Every insinuation,
Every joke that crossed the line.

All the humiliation,
All the harassment,
And all the assaults on my body.

I give it all back now, back to where it came from.
I refuse to carry the weight of your sins,
For this is no longer my burden bear.

I breathe oxygen to the stifled memories,
And provide space for them to exist.
I move through my pain and transmute all of their transgressions.

Venus in Scorpio is my Shamanic healer.
Singing over my bones she digs up what I’ve pushed down. 
She rattles me to my core as I reclaim what is mine.

And with that, she helps me swim back to the surface a changed Woman.
One who is no longer afraid to speak truth to her story.
And one who can find beauty in her pain.

(Written by: Hera Morgan)

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