Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

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I surrender every part of me and give it all to Her.
Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean.
She knows the way, 
where ever that might be.
I float by souls from my past.
Love that once existed can never be lost.
Although they aren’t part of the journey ahead,
I carry them with me.
Gratitude washes over me.
Tears begin to slowly roll down my face.
I’m unable to tell where I end and she begins.
Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean.
I feel my body swaying along to her potent rhythm.
She holds me. 
Weightless, yet supported. 
She whispers to me of our destination.
Futures that don’t yet exist. 
Places that can’t be seen with my eyes but can only be felt with my heart.
Places that require a feeling so deep that only she knows.
Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean.
I surrender to her watery wisdom.
And she cleanses my soul.

Hera Morgan—The Word Witch, 3/19/19