Onward into the New Year!


Schedule via email to kellhunter@earthlink.net.

Your New Year 2019 reading— Stimulate your vision for the coming year of 2019. What is your cosmic calling as we look toward a significant reset moment in January 2020. This special is $120 for the hour (20% discount) if booked by New Year's Eve 2018 and scheduled before the end of January. 

Birthday Sun Sign reading— Capricorn, you magical Earth beasts, celebrate yourself with this useful celestial gift for an overview of your personal year that is all about your sign! We use the window of your birthday chart along with current planetary cycles to look into timing, themes and guidance for your personal new year. One hour, $120 (20% off regular $150 hourly fee).

Give a Gift of the Stars!This special fee also applies to a birthday gift for someone special in your life. I have special e-cards you can use.For your holiday reading/gift list:
Speed Date with Destiny: An Ascension Soap Opera 
by Mooslie Wiggins and LuviaJane Swanson

If you need a little light-hearted help on your journey, here's some fun reading that will have you laughing aloud.  I've been enjoying drafts of this contemporary tale for over 2 decades. I'm so glad it's making such a timely appearance now!

From the back cover: "Terry Gillis is just a normal guy minding his own fishing business. No way can he wrap his mind around the fact that he's been chosen as the subject—or is he the victim?— of a risky experiment by a quirky team of spirit guides. The guides are attempting to strip him of his outdated personality, in order to bump him up to a more expansive state of consciousness. Although Terry's plight is at times hilarious, his eventual metamorphosis is not all fun and games. On the path of transformation, destiny might best be courted gently, and not treated as a speed date."

Now available on authors' website  (which is a fun place to visit on its own) or http://www.amazon.com (soon to come in ebook form).

Kelley's Schedule 

Upcoming Webinar with NCGR, on the 22nd Full Moon Day
National Council on Geocosmic Research
Eros & the Emotional Alchemy of the 2018 Venus Retrograde 
December 22, 2018, 2pm EST 
(adjust to your time zone)

We have just completed the full retrograde circle of the 2018 Venus retrograde in Scorpio. How are you feeling? The cycle of Venus is highly aesthetic. Every eight years, the Goddess of Love goes retrograde five times, drawing a five-pointed star around the zodiac. She continually revisits the same five places in our charts for re-evaluation and enrichment. This last descent in Libra-Scorpio is one of her deepest dives, stirring up spicy dynamics and dilemmas to cap off a rather wild year of multiples retrogrades and major planetary transitions. We call upon the God Eros to help us further integrate the meaning of this process, as we celebrate Solstice and head into a New Year.

This presentation is the second in a 3-part webinar day called

Mythology, Archetypes and Theory

also including Paul Kelley on "Finding Lilith" and
Don Cerow on "when the Dragon Wore the Crown and the 8th Seal"
Read full descriptions and sign up for one or more here.

Upcoming Workshops in Vermont
Burlington— Saturday, January 12, 10-4:30, $95
Envisioning Your New Year using Astrology and SoulCollage Art
with Kelley Hunter & Joan Palmer

What energies are present as we transition from a wild 2018 into the unknown territory of 2019?

What does this mean to you? Kelley will spend give an over of 2019 and spend time considering the individual impact of the year's major transitional themes for each participant.

After a lunch break, Joan Palmer, one of the first students trained in SoulCollage technique, leads an afternoon of inspired creativity using this art medium. Discover personal imagery that conveys the potential of 2019 in your life.

This small group event is limited to 8 persons. Book your place by contacting Kelley with $40 deposit and your birth information.

Plainfield— Saturday, January 19, 10am-4:30pm, $120
Moving through the Eclipse Portal: Astrology & Authentic Movement,
with Jan Sandman and Kelley Hunter

In this workshop, using heaven& earth fusion of Astrology and Authentic Movement, we enter the field of the Total Eclipse of the Moon on January 21st,a compelling opportunity to engage the energetic awakening, unexpected perspectives and surprising flashes of fresh developments on the horizons in 2019. The emotional desire of this Moon is to break through the eclipse shadows into the freedom of uncharted territory. We discuss the astrological planetary patterns of the present and their personal implications using our charts. We then enter an internal space through movement, a wordless alignment of body, intuition and soul will open us to our unique inner guidance, for clearing and preparation for the year to come. We finish by bringing language and visual expression back in, letting the stories and meaning be told, shown, written....

I want to acknowledge two special astrologers who left the planet recently and will be missed:

 Donna VanToen of Toronto, smart, feisty and a real sweetheart, indefatiguable in the service of astrology for decades, will be immensely missed, especially at "her" special SOTA conference. It is so true how she describes herself on her FB page:

"I am indescribable. I must be experienced." You can still get a glimpse of Donna's energy, generosity, wit and wisdom on her FB page along with many tributes. 

Robert Schmidt, a founder of Project Hindsight, translated old, classic texts to help reconstitute the philosophy and techniques of classic Hellenistic Astrology.  The "Three Roberts" (Schmidt, Hand and Zollar brought their astrological expertise and technical terminology to freshen mistranslated texts that had earlier been rendered by scholars with no such background. Fully supported by his wife, Ellen Black, Schmidt made immeasurable contributions to the field. Some of his erudite insights are shared on Youtube.