Willow flower essence is used to help a person take full responsibility for his or her life. When we fail to see the interconnectedness of all things, we feel as if life just happens to us, rather than acknowledging our part in shaping our circumstances. When we chronicle feel victimized and blame others for our "bad luck," the destructive emotions become congested in our bodies. Our physical self responsibility manifesting stiff and sore joints..."

The bendable branches of the Willow tree remind us to stay flexible, especially with our beliefs. If you've been suffering, see if you can determine which underlying assumptions are at play. ...yoga is a great way to foster flexibility of the body and mind. 

While most of us struggle with negative feelings at one time or another, drawing Willow has yet another meaning. It can herald a new understanding or reality, an opening of interconnection. When you learn to tap into the energy grid that connects us all, your perspective becomes limitless, dissolving personal boundaries and crystallizing the feeling of unity. Contemplate the relationships, associations and interactions between all people and things in your life. This will broaden your perception, allowing for a greater understanding of how you fit into the complex web of existence."

All quoted text copyright The Herbal Healing Oracle Deck, Sarah Baldwin and Ashley Verkamp