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“You are the Dance of Light and Shadow.”—Danielle Noel

I came across this spread today—and it struck me as so right for discussion. Right now, I hear resounding songs, mostly from women, singing: “ I want to shine, move, create, vibrate, radiate and beam!” And then a softer and lower song: “but…but…but… I cannot because of the wall that is my own creation that keeps me from my greatest garden.” Now is the time to tune into your truth. Now is the time to push the gates, open the doors and cross the threshold of that which you have shied… with knowing or now. Now is the time to be true to self: true self—your honest light. This is the only way you will every truly beam. Shine.

Herbs and flowers: buttercuo, valerian, rose, indian paint brush
Gems and stones: rose quartz, chrysoprase, malachite
Cards for an alter: Strength, Temperance, The Star

Serena Fox is a intuitive tarot reader, channeler, astrologer and herbalist: Learn more at beanofthefieldstarot.com and beaninc.me.

Tarot Movement™ • The Tarot Dance™
The art of Tarot Movement is a deep, spiritual, connected and empowered practice. (Liken to mandala making: A silent, organic rhythm toward truth). Gist is...it's tarot interpretation coupled with authentic, intuitive movement and the addition of correspondences. It's a channeling event. The outcome is profound. Amplified. Herbs and Flowers: I offer you Roses…Valerian, Angelica. Gems and Crystals: Mookaite Japser, Citrine, Sodalite, Clear QuartzHerbs and Flowers: I offer you Roses…Valerian, Angelica



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